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Interiors #4 - The Jail


Product: The Jail
Product Code: 10047_1_Interiors4TheJail
DAZ Original: No
Created By: Maclean
Released: November 24th, 2009

Product Information

Required Products:

  • None

Product Versions / File Sizes

  • DAZ Studio or later (Inc. DS 3.0) - 34.8Mb
  • Poser 6 or later - 35.2Mb

Product Notes

The Interiors Series
Each of the packs in the Interiors Series is a single room (or other environment) containing all the figures and props in one file. Every scene is self-contained and loads as a single file with everything pre-positioned and ready to use. Lighting is included, and the figures and props are available separately in the library, and can be loaded as extras or used in other scenes.

The basic room module is a 600x600cm room with walls, floor, ceiling as posable body parts which can be switched off/on. By maintaining the same measurements (or multiples of them), it will be possible to fit rooms together, or use walls and doors from one scene with another. All figures and props are built to real-world scale and can be interchanged between scenes, or used with other products made to a similar scale, for example, the Home One Products. As the series grows, the packs will cover as wide a variety of situations as possible.

Interiors #4 - The Jail
This is the 4th pack in the Interiors series. A maximum security cell block with 3 single cells and 2 larger holding cells. Each cell contains a toilet, shelves and a bed with morphing blankets and pillow. Other props include a wooden bench and wide-angle view surveillance mirror. The textures and bump maps give a lot of fine detail to the surfaces, such as metal bars and stone, and will render well even in close-up work. An extra outer corridor is included at the guards entrance to the main corridor, and all corridor doors and cell doors are posable. The cell doors also have an 'Open Hatch' morph so food can be passed into the cell without unlocking it. Each cell has a neon strip light and the main corridor has 2 lamps with metal mesh-guard. The cells are constructed with heavy metal bars, steel girders and braces.

Lighting is included with the pack.


Recommended camera Focal Length = 25-30mm
The ceiling body part is switched off by default to give an open view. It should be switched on when working inside the room.
To hide parts of the bed, such as the cover or blanket, select the appropriate material and make it invisible.
The Sit and Lie morphs in the Bed are not intended to be used with the Blanket and Cover down morphs.

Figures, Props and Textures List

jail figure.cr2

wide-angle mirror.pp2

corridor lights off/on
neon lights off/on


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Nicely done model for the most part. Having worked in a real environment like this for 25 years, I feel you really captured the essence of an actual lockup. Good work!! / Bruce - aka GraphicGhost or goshtac


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