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Angel V4 Hair Fits Magnets

Products Required:

Angel for V4

Usage Tips or Limitations:

As you will notice owning and using Clothing MorphKit or any of the Netherworks python scripts will make using magnets much easier and comfortable. They are not required however.


1. Load V4 into the scene and inject Angel or Lina head morphs into her

2. Load the hair you want to adjust into the scene. Make sure to zero ALL morphs in the hair

3. Choose the hair prop (in case it is a prop hair) or hair head or neck parts (in case it is a conforming figure hair) from the drop down menu

4. Load the suitable magnet set (for Props or Figures) into the scene.

5. Make adjustments to the magnets for suitable fit: choose the appropriate magnet from the drop down menu (Hair Mag, Hair Mag Front, Hair Mag Sides and Hair Mag Back). Remember about the already existing adjustment morphs in the hair - they might help you in adjusting even better after you create the fit.

6a. Load the Clothing MorphKit and create the morph as you usually do.

6b. If the hair is a prop - select the hair and Spawn Morph Target (Menu Object: Spawn Morph Target), naming the morph the way you like. Delete the magnets.

If the hair is a figure - select the hair body parts that are influenced by the magnets one by one and Spawn Morph Target (Menu Object: Spawn Morph Target), naming the morph the way you like. Delete the magnets and set the fit morphs in all body parts (usually it is only Hear or only Neck or rarely both) to 1. Select the hair figure and Create Full Body Morph (Figure: Create Full Body Morph) in the BODY of the hair. Set the fit morph to ZERO in all body parts.

7. Save the Hair with the fit into your library, making sure you do not overwrite the original files!

Most hair should be responding very nicely to the magnets. Some hair however have more complicated rigging structure and have hair mesh in more than the Head and/or Neck body parts. In this case you need to select each Magnet and Add Element to Deform (Properties tab) - choosing the needed hair body parts one by one.