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Elf Age New Age for V4

Products Required:

For MAT poses and Adjustment morphs:

Elf Age Light

Also for NGM andd NGM Utopian fits:

NGM for Victoria 4

NGM for Elite Utopian


Thre readme states the following:

Due to the differenced in file handling between DAZ Studio and Poser the NGM and NGMUtopian files require a bit of change in the usual routine: please dial the NGM/U morphs in the 'BODY' of V4 figure instead of the 'chest' as is done in the presets from the NGM product. You can easily bypass the issue in poser by: 1. loading a MOR pose from the NGM folder - it will be dialed in the 'chest' part of V4 2. selecting the 'chest' part of the figure and copying the settings by Ctrl+C 3. resetting the morphs in the V4 figure via the included Reset MOR pose to zero 4. selecting the BODY of the figure and adding the copied settings by Ctrl+V In DAZ Studio however you will need to dial the settings by hand in the BODY of the V4 for the EAL Top superconforming fits to follow.

Detailed Explanation

Here is the instruction in more details:

1. Load V4 into the scene or choose her BODY part if she is already there

2. Go to the NGM_V4 or NGM_Utopian Poser folder (not the EA_NewAge pose folder!) and inject the NGM morphs into V4 by using '!NGM V42_INJ' pose. After this you will have all NGM morphs injected into V4 and ready to dial. You can see them in BODY part under INJection Channels: Community. This is a standard custom morph injection procedure and should not be complicated.

3. Choose V4 BODY part again and load the 'EA_Top++' figure into the scene and conform it to V4. Be sure you are loading the figure that states “NGM NGMU ready” in its thumbnail. Choosing the V4 will ensure the autoconforming will work in the scene.

4. Choose the Top's BODY part and apply the “INJ NGM” or “INJ NGMU” pose from the “4be_ElfAgeLight:EA_NewAge” path. This way you will have all the matching morphs for NGM in the Top figure, they will be zeroed. The morphs in the Top are named after the internal names of the morphs in V4: PBMCC_40 equals NGM_0 and so on. You do not need to know what is what as they are supposed to dial automatically.

5. Here comes the tricky part, you can do the following in two ways:

- dial the NGM morphs manually in the BODY part of the V4 - this way you will not need any additional fiddling with the top or transferring the morphs anymore as the morphs in the top will follow what you dial.

- load the MOR poses from posermatic's NGM_V4/NGM_Utopian folders - this way the morphs will be dialed in V4's chest part instead of the body and need to be copied to the BODY of V4 for the top morphs to follow.

Some additional notes:

- DO NOT remove the morphs from V4 or the top unless you do not intend to use them in your work anymore:

- make sure you are injecting V4 morphs into V4 and Top morphs into Top and not otherwise.