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Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Thank you for purchasing Into The Woods!

Required Products:

  • Victoria 4.2 Base
  • Michael 4 Base


  • Light Sets (include day-time and night-time)
    • 8 DAZ Studio 3 Lights
    • 8 Poser 6+ Lights
    • 3 Caustic Gel Light Foliage Texture JPG
  • Pose Set
    • 10 V4 Woodland Poses plus default
    • 10 M4 Woodland Poses plus default
  • 11 high resolution beautiful wooded background landscape images (2500 x 1875). Background images require any program that can open jpeg formats
  • Poser 6+ or DAZ Studio 3 Required for Caustic Gel Light Texture

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Backgrounds: “IntoTheWoods_BG”
  • Light: “IntoTheWoods”
  • Pose: “DPInTheWoods”
  • Textures: “MNA_Textures\Lights”

DAZ Studio users should look in the Poser libraries for the DAZ Studio presets.

The poses were developed using:

  • Victoria 4.2 Base ps_pe069
  • Michael 4 Base ps_pe074
  • Using different figures will provide varying results.

For optimum results using these files, figure limits and IK should be off.

Proper pose file usage:

  • Load M4 and V4 figures
  • Apply the selected poses to the proper figure

Proper Lights usage:

  • Poser Users: You can adjust the effect of the light “gels” by going to the Materials Room tab, then selecting any of the lights with gels and adjusting the strength and/or the U/V scale.
  • DAZ Studio Users: DAZ Studio native Lights are loaded from the Poser lighting library (along side the Poser light presets).
    • You can adjust the gel scale by selecting the light, going to the Parameters tab, and adjusting the Scale slider. Larger numbers tile the texture more times, producing a smaller pattern.
    • You can adjust the saturation of the lights by selecting the light, going to the Parameters tab, and adjusting the Light Color.

 How to adjust the saturation of a light