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Bonnie Clothes for The Kids 4

Bonnie Clothes for The Kids 4 - by dorkati-GHD Bonnie Clothes K4 for The Kids 4 by dorkati is available at

Turn The Kids 4 into an old-time doll with this 6 pieces clothes set. Remember the old beautiful times and dress The Kids like a Jewel Box Doll or be modern and change her to a Gothic Lolita. 4 different styles will help you to start playing with this set..

Clothes support:

- Kids 4 FBMs,

- Chibi Body and Head morphs,

- Toddler morph (DS only)

Set includes:

- Hair part - good for other hats if you can size them
- Bonnet
- Dress
- Apron
- Socks
- Shoes

DS materials are included in same folder as MAT poses.
Clothes load with textures, but in DAZ|Studio you have to apply
one of MAT poses from Pose library to get DS materials.

Don't forget to use handles in Poser or handle actors in DS to pose skirt and apron.