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Hunter DL


Product: Hunter DL
Product Code: ps_ac4002
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Serrge
Released: 2010-05-26

Product Information

Required Products: none

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “DesertLands”
    • Pose: “DesertLands”
    • Materials: “DesertLands”
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Vehicles\Air\DesertLands\HunterDL ”

HunterDL - content HunterDL flying machine and separated conforming front head, for Poser and DAZ Studio. Prescaled already for Poser humanoid figures. All moving body parts have a JCJ control channels on BODY part of the figures. All moving parts have a limits and all useless dials are hidden or removed. Textures , with 4 material presets and all templates included. Also included two pose presets for M4 and V4 as pilots. Ready to use in Poser. It`s a first model of Desert Lands series and I hope what I will make more various models, accessory and things in same style soon. Desert Lands fantasy world based on idea of mostly primitive life style with some elements of advance technology. So the clothes made of vegetable fibers and animal skin, single shot breech loaded guns and white arms will be used side to side with advanced crystal based electric pulse engines and generators. The HunterDL is a first flying machine used mostly by hunters. Built on wood frame with metal elements and covered by animal skin it have a vertical and horizontal electrical pulse engines and generator. Later I planning make other heavier and armed flying machine based on same frame, the Warrior. Separated front head made, because I planning make other front heads for change a look this flying machine a little . So I suggest use it with some leather clothes made by AerySoul or something looks like in same style. Some Native American clothes and items can be used also. Important note: Always load the Hunter before the front head. Poser don`t like then you load conforming head first :-))

Known Issues

  • None


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File Listing

Poser installer



\Runtime\Libraries\Character\DesertLands\HeadD HDL.cr2

\Runtime\Libraries\Character\DesertLands\HeadD HDL.png



\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD HDL.mc6

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD HDL.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD Mapless.mc6

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD Mapless.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HunterDL Mapless.mc6

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\DesertLands\HunterDL\HunterDL Mapless.png



\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HeadD HDL.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HeadD HDL.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HeadD Mapless.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HeadD Mapless.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL Mapless.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL Mapless.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL PilotM4.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL PilotM4.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL PilotV4.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DesertLands\HunterDL PilotV4.pz2














DS installer

\Vehicles\Air\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD HDL.ds

\Vehicles\Air\DesertLands\HunterDL\HeadD HDL.ds.png




  • This product has 1 full Poser installer and 1 installer with DAZ Studio 2+ optimized material presets.
  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.