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Crying Time

Crying Time uses DAZ Studio’s ability to layer images, so the presets will behave differently to normal MAT poses. They will layer on top of your existing textures and, if you apply more than one, they will layer on top of each other. If you try one and want to try another, to restore you original texture can reapply the texture, you can use the “undo” function as needed or you can select your original texture from the drop down material lists under the Diffuse, Specular and Displacement channels. As with all layered images within DAZ Studio, you can apply as many as your computer memory will allow. If you start to receive “failure to load” messages, your textures come up white or the presets don’t seem to apply, it means you have reached the limit of your computer’s memory. Save your scene, close DAZ Studio, open it again and reload your scene. This allows you to continue where you left off with fresh memory. The sclera reddening presets are also layered, so they will stack on top of each other if more than one is applied. There may be a short delay between clicking on any of the layered presets and their application. The tear presets use specularity as well as displacement, so will be affected by the lighting in your scene, particularly by specular lights. You can adjust both the specularity and the displacement via the percentage sliders on the Surfaces Tab.