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Expressive Snowman


Product: Expressive Snowman
Product Code: ps_ac2015
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Debra

Product Information

Thank you for purchasing the Expressive Snowman character.

In “SilverKey3d” of your Figures library you will find new icons for loading the product.

There are a total of 3 heads for the snowman, which can be found by selecting the snowmans head, and using the dial “head type”.

Set the Dial at “0” to use the default head with a working mouth
Set the Dial at “1” to use the no mouth version
Set the Dial at “2” to use the Stone Mouth version.

Each head has it's own morphs, the morphs that work for each head are preceded by a matching number for that head. Morphs that start with “0” only work with the “0” dial head, Morphs starting with “1” only work with the “1” dial head, Morphs starting with “2” only work with the 2 dial head.

The only exception would be the speech morphs, which work only with the default “0” head. The default “0” snowman will work in Mimic to a limited extent, (eye morphs and eyebrow morphs are missing for Mimic)

To get the morphs to show for each head, select the head, turn the dial to select the head you wish to use., select any different body part (not the head) , and then reselect the head. The morphs will appear for the head you have selected.

The chest has morphs to make the buttons go away, and the head has several morphs to help create an expressive snowman.

The Nose has morphs to give a different shape and curve to help with creating different snowmen.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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Texture Template Download
Win file ps_ch052b_ESnowManT.exe (0.72 Mb)
Mac file ps_ch052b_ESnowManT.sit (0.54 Mb)


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