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Jepe's Body Jewels 2

Body Jewels 2 is a continuation of the first displacement based Body Jewels set included in M4 Hairy Project. It's now for Michael and Victoria.

There are four new design themes: Dragons(BJ4), Stripes (BJ5), Tribal (BJ6) and Wings (BJ7) with all in all 10 new Body Jewels for Victoria and 11 new Body Jewels for Michael in 10 fascinating color variations. The design varies from strong and straight geometrical shapes to intriguing and playful curved patterns.

Using is extremely easy: duplicate your figure, inject the Body Jewels Morph, choose your design and color out of the 100 MATs for V4 or 110 MATs for M4 and render.
Add that artistic touch of reflection and specularity to your renders you can achieve in 3D only.

Here are the Preview Thumbs of the Utility poses for the Body Jewels:


There are two pz2s for turning on/off IK, two pz2s for the Body Jewels Morph (for a conformed or an unconformed M4) and an INJ pz2 for the original M4 (in DS only!) that activates the manual adjustment of the Body Jewels Amount and Bulge while the second M4 is conformed.

A detailed description can also be found here: