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Natural Petite Morphs for SP4

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Poser 6 and above

DAZ Studio 2.3 and 3

Needed Files:

- Stephanie 4 (Victoria 4 needs to be installed in order to use Stephanie)

This product is designed for Stephanie 4 and can be used with her Main bodymorphs. This product will not work with other figures or morphs like Victoria 4, The Girl, Aiko4 or Elite body shapes


NPMSP4 use ExP technology to add the morphs so you need to initialize your Victoria 4 with the shortcut located at your desktop (named update or updating V4) or by using the file DzCreateExPFiles-V4 located at the !DAZ folder in your Libraries folder. Just the way you do with her Victoria 4 morphs++ or Victoria 4 creature morphs.

This application adds the new morphs to V4(SP4) .cr2 so you now can inject all her morphs. If you fail to do that no empty morph channels will be created thus will be impossible to add the new morphs to Victoria 4 figure (Stephanie 4) (.cr2)

Also Make sure you install this product in your main Runtime, ExP technology have issues with Poser external Runtimes . If you install it on an external Runtime even with the updating thing the process will fail and again there will be no empty channels to work with.


NPM for SP4 is a new line of morph sets dedicated to depict the women breasts of small size.

Although it is similar to my NGM Petite for V4 it has a two main differences:

1) These are stand alone morphs, you don't need NGM or Victoria morphs ++ to make it work. I recommend the use of Morphs++ but I will explain that later.

2) The size of these morphs are much smaller than the ones found in my previous product. Last time the shapes give you smaller size than the ones on v4 and specially over NGM but not really small ones. This time I aimed to the really small ones with the possibility to give them more volume with the use of Morphs++ or other similar.

NPM for SP4 is designed to give you more choices, it gives you 10 new breast shapes for Stephanie.

NPM comes with 10 morphs for each of the main FBM of Stephanie which is Caitlyn, Grace and Isabelle. This give you a total of 40 morphs included on this set.

NPM morphs are deceptively simple but they have a huge amount of work behind them.

Most of the breast of these sizes are very similar to each other but they have subtle differences, view them with at different angle and you will see what I mean.


To use them, simply load your Stephanie 4 figure from the library and then double click on the Pose file named: xxxx_INJ. You will find it in your Pose library in the NPM_SP4 folder and the morphs will INJect into the figure.


There you will find the main Injection files, Reset NPM and Reset Stephanie full body morphs.

You will also find 4 folders, one for each of the FBM of Stephanie.

Inside there will be 3 workflow files and the 10 shapes of this morphs set.

Working with NPM

I always tried to make my sets easy to work with and made them according to what I found while working on them.

This time I included one pose file that will set the FBM to the one that you will be working on so you don't have to go to the BODY, set the FBM to 1 and then go back to the morphs. You can just click on the pose file and the FBM will be turned on, if you move to another NPM folder then just click on the pose file found on that and the previous FBM will be set to “0” and the new one will be on.

For example in the NPM_SP4/NPM_Caitlyn folder you will fine the file !!!Caitlyn_FBM, click it and the body of Caitlyn will be on. Now move to the NPM_SP4/NPM_Isabelle, find the file !!!Isabelle_FBM, click on it and Caitlyn will be off and the FBM of Caitlyn will be on now.

Inside each folder you will find 2 reset files:

  • Reset NPM morphs

This will reset All the NPM morphs, specially useful if you are not sure if you left some morph active and is giving you strange deformations or if you were making combinations and end with something not very pleasant to see.

  • Reset Stephanie Chest morphs

If you have the Victoria 4 Morphs++/Breast and have injected them on Stephanie to make more shape variations then this will be very useful since very often you lost track of how many dials have you moved and by how much. This pose file will set all those dials back to “0”. This will work for the breast morphs only, will not work on those found on the default Stephanie figure.

C1 and C2 Morphs

I have included 2 extra morphs on the Stephanie FBM:

  • C1
  • C2

These morphs will help you fine tune your shape if you mix the shapes of the NPM morphs. The best way to see what this morphs do is by working with them, try to combine the NPM dials and then add this morphs in small increments. You will find that they can be very helpful.

Nipples, Areola Size and Textures

Due to the extreme work required to achieve this kind of morphs the Nipple morph found on the Victoria Morphs++ set will not work on NPM.

Because of this I have made 2 specifically designed morphs for NPM

  • Nip
  • NipGirth

They are very straight forward morphs, the first will create a nipple. The second one will increase or decrease it's girth. If you find that the nipple is too thin then increase its girth with the NipGirth dial. If you need it more protruding then just increase the value of the Nip dial and you are good to go.


Areola is the part of the breast surrounding the nipple.

Extra attention has been taken to ensure the least possible distortion in this area. However, this could be affected by how the texture has been done.

V4 has a well defined nipple material zone. If the merchant of a texture set kept the nipple texture inside the defined area, there won't be odd things like huge areolas or smudged textures. But if the merchant decided to extend the nipple zone into the torso zone, then texture distortion can occur.

In the particular case of NPM I opted to define this area by the average between the texture with the biggest areola and with the smallest one.

Nevertheless you will find that most of the time the areola will look too small so in this case I recommend you to use the Victoria Morphs++, work with the areola morphs included there to increase its size. This will give you good natural looking areolas.

It is easier to work with an areola that is small because more morphs can deal with this, I mean increasing the size of it is easier than reducing the size of it.

This could be avoided if every seller could adhere to a standard on where to locate the nipple and areola on the texture but in the real world not two people have the same size of nipples more over of areolas.


One areola bigger than the other… Elite textures are very realistic and for these reason the areolas are not symmetrical, so when the breasts grow in size this is more this becomes more apparent. Don't alarm, this is how they meant to look. If you wanted to look the same you will need an image editor like photoshop to alter the texture so it can be symmetric.

Second skin textures can look very distorted in the breast area more specifically in the area just below them. This is because of the extensive polygon reorder that has to be done to obtain certain breast shapes, the polygons need to be pulled out to new positions, causing the UV map to be stretched or distorted.

I usually tried to minimize this in most of the NGM products, but on this particular set of morphs just couldn't be done. The reduction is too much and there is no way the UV map could be kept as good as I wanted.

This problem is not as visible with regular skin textures though.