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Jepe's Body Jewels and Wet + Tears for V4


With this pack you will get a custom second layer morph for V4 to turn her into an always perfectly fitting 'Body Suit'. This second V4 layer enables you to use the numerous Jewels and Wet+Tears options on every existing and any future V4 character, morph, texture and expression! Tribal tattoo art and ancient armor in scintillating metallic colors comes to life with high-resolution and precisely hand crafted transparency and displacement textures. Behind 'Wet & Tears' stands the technique to bring real 3D onto your V4 character's skin with a system of specially tuned transparency, specular, displacement and bump textures for liquid drops and tears for even the closest close up render.

All promotional images are rendered in DAZ Studio, a complete collection of high-res renders of all 10 Body Jewels and all Wet+Tears options are in my ArtZone Gallery. NOTE: Images may contain nudity. Your Personal ArtZone Gallery Filters will be applied when viewing.

A detailed User Guide and more information you can find here: