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Reality for DAZ Studio

Reality 1.25 is a plug-in that converts your DAZ Studio scene to LuxRender, the physically-based, un-biased renderer for Mac OS and Windows. With a click of the mouse you can render your scene with Lux, use advanced features like stop and resume, and network rendering. Plus Reality allows you to fine-tune and save your realistic materials, all inside the Reality User Interface.

Reality Product Page:

Reality 1.2 Feature list

The Reality users manual is available here:

Please read over the guide as it covers all areas of Reality and will answer alot of your questions about Reality.

Required Products:

DAZ Studio -

LuxRender 0.8 -

The Future of Reality and DAZ Studio 4

Supported OS:


Mac OS X 32bit & Windows 32 and 64 bit.

  • Even when using the 32 bit version of Reality, for Mac OS X, you can use the 64 bit version of LuxRender.


Windows, Mac OSX, Linux - 32bit & 64bit

  • You can use the Free DAZ Studio 3 32bit with the 64bit version of LuxRender if you are using a 64bit version of Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Video tutorials:

First steps with Reality

Reality 1.0: Controlling Glossiness

Reality 1.0: Controlling Light

Reality 1.0: How to add water to your scene

Reality 1.0: Creative Lighting

Reality 1.01: Creating Fog

Reality 1.01: Replacing the sky after rendering the scene

Reality 1.2: No More Black Eyes

Videos on using the Softbox Light:

Disabling subdivision for the SubDragon:

Tips and Tricks

Using Reality for more realistic hair - thanks to Randall Lloyd

Creating a material zone that glows according to an Ambient map by Syndaryl

Custom Metal examples by KrazyHorse2

Velvet Surface Variation & Glossy Surface (with coat) Variation - thanks to Randall Lloyd

The “Made with Reality” watermark:

Made with Reality Logos by Randall Lloyd

Made with Reality 1.2 Logos by Randall Lloyd

LuxRender Tutorials

Using Light Portals