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Gothic Lolita V4 by Will Dupré and Cris Palomino


Product: Gothic Lolita V4
Product Code: ps_ac4181b
Programs Supported: Poser 5+ Material Poses (.pz2), DAZ|Studio Material Presets (.dsa)
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Will Dupré and Cris Palomino
Released: September 2010
Nr. of installers: Mac File Size: 91.72Mb in 3 files, PC File Size: 78.59Mb in 3 files

We’re pleased that you have chosen to pick up the Gothic Lolita V4 package from us at DAZ3D. The first package, Aiko 3, was a great success and it was a logical choice to up-the-game by redoing the outfit for the Victoria, Aiko and Girl Generation4 figures. We’ve added new garment pieces with the pantaloon and some great, funky leggings.

Textures are rich in deep-blood red cut-velvet bat and classic black velvets skull damasks. Satins, lace and plaids punctuate the two skirt sets. Each three-skirt set is cut to different lengths and layers can be made transparent for shorter looks and to wear in conjunction with the new pantaloons and leggings.

MATs have been provided to work in Poser, DS and a special set that utilize UberShaders for the velvets using the Human Surface Shader.


New things to look for:

  • Pantaloon morphs:
    • puffylegs
    • pFlounces In-Out
  • Legging morphs:
    • Flounces In-Out
  • Jacket:
    • PantaloonFit

More technical and artistic information coming soon…please check back!

Credits: Reflection Map fancy12.jpg; Copyright ParrotDolphin a.k.a. Janet Lowry ~ May 2010