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Reby Sky Magnet Fit


Product: Reby Sky Magnet Fit
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Lyrra Madril
Released: 2010-10-08

Product Information

  • Required Products: V4 Elite: Reby Sky

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Props: “Reby Sky Magnet”

* This product contains magnet presets to assist in creating morphs in clothing to fit over the v4 Reby Sky morph by DAZ.
* They are NOT designed to make morphs in the figure. This product is not recommended for new users. A strong knowledge of poser, morph target use and creation is needed.
* The magnets will load into the Props folder of your Runtime Directory.
* To use:
- Load Victoria 4, in the zeroed position. (to zero a figure, turn off IK on both legs and use Zero Figure in the Joint Editor to set all bends to 0)
- Inject the Reby Sky Morphs into Victoria 4.
- Load and conform the clothing item you wish to add the morph to.
- Set the Reby Sky Body morph to 1.
- Select the clothing, and apply the magnet from the Props Folder.
- Adjust magnets if needed. Since all clothing is built and shaped differently the magnets will work differently on each clothing item.
- Create morphs. You can do this manually by selecting each clothing bodypart and using the Object Spawn morph target command or by using one of several Python morph target spawning scripts (such as the free python script “Spawn FBM” made by Dimension3d and available in the Renderosity freestuff or the scripts in Netherworks ClothKits)
- Set all your new morphs to 1 and create a Full Body Morph to create the master dial in the body. (unless you used Spawn FBM script, which does this step automatically)
- Now remove all the magnets and set all the bodypart morphs to 0. Your clothing will now have a new morph that fits Reby Sky.
- Check the fit by dialing the base morph to 1, and the NPM morph to 1 and then applying the same morphs in the clothing.
* You are now Done! Save this clothing item to your library folder. (note in poser 5 and below morphs are saved in the CR2 by default .. in poser 6 and above the default “Use Binary Morph” targets will save the morphs in a PMD file. To save in the CR2, turn this option off)
* These magnets may NOT be resold or distributed.
* Morphs made using these magnets are your property and you can do whatever you like with them.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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File Listing

\Runtime\libraries\Props\Reby Sky Magnet\Reby.png
\Runtime\libraries\Props\Reby Sky Magnet\Reby.pp2