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By: IgnisSerpentus
Release Date: November 2010
Store Product Page: Vermillion Dawn

In the time before time was born, an ancient prophecy foretold the end of days;
That the planets would align and a new terror would rise.
Ravenous creatures would rule the Earth, who would seek to destroy mankind.
And when the sun turned to blood, this dark apocalypse would be nigh.

But there was a footnote:
That a great warrior would be born, who alone, would bring an end to this terrible fate
And from the chaos that remained, a new world order would be born

Now, with extermination imminent, and all human life no longer safe
Only one woman can stop this horrible omen from befalling the Earth….
And they called her Vermillion Dawn.


Vermillion Dawn Character

  • 1 Partial Custom/DAZ Dialed Head INJ/REM
  • 1 DAZ Dialied Body INJ/REM
  • 1 Natural Skin MAT
  • 1 Battle Wounds Skin MAT
  • 1 Tattooed Skin MAT
  • 1 War Paint Skin MAT
  • 10 Makeup Options (Natural and With Battle Wounds)
  • 6 Eye Options
  • 2 Eye Reflects, Off Option as well as Tears off and on

Conforming Clothing

  • Bodice
  • Skirt
  • Sleeve and Arm Cuff
  • Boots
  • War Helm (Parents to head)

MATS And Poses For Figures

  • 3 Full sets for Clothing and Armor
  • 9 Mats for War Helm (Hair or Feathers)
  • Natural and War Paint MAT for War Helm
  • Utility MATS for clothing
  • DS MATS and Poser MATS Included

Props Included

  • Death Claw Weapons(left and right hand parents)
  • Nose Bones

V4 Poses Included

  • 10 Normal Poses
  • 10 Poses for Death Claw Weapons


  • Vermillion Dawn
  • Amazon
  • Fitness
  • Thin
  • Voluptuous
  • Breasts Size
  • Breasts Implant
  • Breasts Diameter
  • Waist Width
  • Belly Thin
  • Tummy Out
  • Thigh Thickness
  • Thighs Tone
  • Hips Size
  • Glutes Size
  • Upper Arms Contour
  • Waist Contour Outer
  • Elite Body Shapes
  • Stephanie Petite 4 Body Shapes (no proportional morphs)
  • Adjustment Morphs on all
  • Style Morphs on War Helm, Boots, Sleeves
  • Movement Morphs on Skirt and Boot Cloth
  • Hair Morphs for War Helm


..:: CHARACTER ::..
As this set uses V4.2, Morphs ++, Elite, and Stephanie Petite 4, you will need to own those morph packs to use this set to its full potential. To load Vermillion Dawn's respective morphs, you must first load V4 into your scene. Make sure V4 is selected, then browse to your Pose Library, then into “Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn” and into the “Character & Poses” folder, and there you will see all the character options. Morph options are listed first, and these will load all morphs. Keep in mind, the head morphs contain customized morphs. The deltas are included in the pack - do not delete them, as the morphs cannot work without them. The apply all skin option, loads all default mats (and this you will want to load first, before applying any of the other mats) You will see many skin options. You can choose from natural, battle wounds, tattooed and one with War Paint. From there, you may choose the eyes you wish to use, as well as makeup options. The makeups are half natural, and half wounded, to work with the battle wounds skin. You must load the correct makeups to match which skin you chose (although, you can technically mix and match them, as they were done in such a way they are not reliant)

There is also a full outfit and a War Helm included. To locate these figures, you need to go to your figure library and find the Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn folder. To conform the clothing, load the item, go to the top of poser under the drop down menus and click on Figure. A new menu will open which will say conform, click that and then conform to and a new dialog will open with its own dropdown. Select Victoria 4 and hit ok, and the item will load onto V4 (alternatively in DS, right click on the item and click “fit to” then select V4 in the list - but it should auto-conform in DS anyway) You will need to do this for all the figures, except the War Helm. From there, you have a ton of morphs to play with, including adjustments which will fix pokethru, movement and style morphs on miscellaneous pieces, which will change how the clothing looks and moves (note: dialing in morphs ALWAYS work best by dialing in on the BODY actor)

The War Helm figure (located in the same folder) does not conform… instead, it parents to V4's head. The reason it is done this way is, a real life skull helmet of this sort would move with her head, and not twist and contort to it, such as a conforming figure would create… yet parts, like the jaw, would still remain posable (which creating it as a prop would not allow for) To load it, just load V4, select her in the scene and then load the War Helm…. the parent will automatically take hold and move with her head. From there, you can pose the jaw as you wish, and there are a ton of morphs to play with– including hair morphs and styles for the skull's shape and features.

You will also notice there are 2 versions of each outfit piece - normal ones that you will have to dial in manually, and Super conforming versions that will automatically match whatever morphs you have dialed into V4. Keep in mind, to avoid pokethru, it is best to use the Magnetize clothing to V4 poses, which are included with V4 when you purchase her. The clothing has a myriad of standard DAZ morphs and adjustment morphs, so you can fit it to your own characters. Each item also has a special Vermillion Dawn morph, so that it will fit to the character thats included perfectly (keep in mind, it is best to use this morph on the non-superconforming versions of the clothing, as it will not work properly with crosstalk enabled)

Also, Ive tossed in 3 extra full mats to change up the clothing, as well as 10 mats to change War Helm to fit your scene. These will be located in the Pose library, in the folders Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn/Outfit. You will also notice a ton of utility mats, which will turn off certain things in each piece of clothing. To turn it back on, just use any of the clothing mats included. There is also a Hide Skirt Bodyhandles MAT - this is intended for use in DS, as Poser will not render the bodyhandle.

..:: PROPS ::..
To locate the props, go to your props folder and find the Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn Folder. There are two: Nose Bones and Death Claw (left and right) To load each, simply double click the icons. The Nose bones will parent to her nose, and they have a Vermillion Dawn morph on it, which will morph them to fit her nose (as its custom, and slightly wider) The Death claw has a parent for each hand, and will also work with 10 of the 20 poses that are included for V4. There are also mats for the props, specifically for DS, located in the Pose library, in the folders Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn/Prop MATS for DS

..:: POSES ::..
There are also 20 poses included in this set, some of which were designed for use with the Death Claw Weapons, and some that are natural. These are primarily pin up style, or fighting poses, with a few being jump in battle types. You can tell by the thumbnail which ones are intended for the blades, as it will show her wielding them - and they all utilize both hand parents (poses 11-20 are Death Claw poses) To locate the poses for V4, you will need to go to your pose library, into the Dark Apocalypse/Vermillion Dawn folder, and into “Character and Poses”

For a full instruction guide, Ive written a tutorial that has been included with the set. This will explain everything in deep detail, and walk you through getting the best out of this set.


DS Optimized mats are included

A complete PDF Tutorial is included in the set. This will install to your Runtime folder, under Tutorial (VermillionDawn.PDF) It elaborates on instructions, and there are added tidbits you can read at your convenience. If you find yourself having any trouble, refer to this, as it covers literally any (normal) problem you'd encounter, and extra things you might not have considered.

Color coded and labeled templates for all figures and props are available, so you can make your own textures.

All conformers have blank channels (DAZ standardly named PBMCC and PBMDC), so you can make your own custom morphs and inject them simplistically.

The thumbnails for the files are the standard 91×91 resolution, so that they will show properly in DAZ Studio. If you are a poser 5 or higher user and prefer the larger thumbnails (which are 125×125 in size), you can download them here: Vermillion Dawn Thumbs

Please Note:
Bigger thumbnails will NOT work in DAZ Studio, nor lower versions of Poser, so only download these if your using Poser 5 and higher.

Instructions to install larger thumbnails:
These are set up to the same exact locations as the original sets thumbnails. To install, simply unzip it to your Poser Runtime, and overwrite the old thumbnails. If you have moved your folders around, you will have to move these manually, too.

As covered in the instruction section, when using the conforming clothing in Poser, you may need to use the Magnetize clothing to V4 poses (which come with V4) so that absolutely no poke thru will occur.

There are no known issues beyond what you'd encounter normally. See the PDF included for further details.

Technical Support is always available. If you have questions that need answers, feel free to email me –


Dark Apocalypse is a series, based on an alternate timeline than what we know of to exist. It tells the story of a prophecy, and the dawning of an age where the sun turns red, like blood. An evil race of creatures rise from the underground, who take over and destroy the Earth, as well as enslave mankind. And of course, there is a heroine whom will lead a rebellion and bring an end to this chaos; She is Vermillion Dawn, the first part of the series. And she is named after the mark of the Apocalypse.

There is no easy way to pin down the genre to any one thing; its a crazy mishmash of my wild imagination. It's a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, it has African/Aztec/Middle Eastern overtones, with a prehistoric, yet apocalyptic wasteland kind of vibe. It also has strong tribal themes, with a dash of macabre and what I like to call “Desert Punk” prevalent throughout it all.

Each set in the series is built to work in conjunction with the others to create one massive world - a world thats full of interesting characters, far-out creatures, cutting-edge clothing designs, organic-styled architecture, weathered and worn scenery and more.

Check back soon for other parts to the series (which will be listed here)