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RM Empress


Due to the way some poses effect the eyes and enternal structures of the head such as the jaw and tongue on V4 combined with the extreme nature of the Empress head and neck morphs, you may find that after applying certain poses the Empress's eyes and/or jaws may become displaced. If this happens simply apply the eye and or/jaw fix pose supplied in the Empress pose folder :)

Material Presets for DAZ Studio and Poser now Consolidated

DAZ Studio Users: You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→ “RMEmpress” directory . There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets. Poser Users: It is recommended that you do not delete the .DS files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio.

Product packing list:

\Runtime\Textures\RMEmpress\ EmpRLegs1.jpg EmpRLegs1A.jpg EmpRLegs1B.jpg EmpRLegs1S.jpg EmpRLegs1mu1.jpg EmpRLegs1mu2.jpg EmpRLegs2.jpg EmpRLegs2A.jpg EmpRLegs2B.jpg EmpRLegs2MU2.jpg EmpRLegs2S.jpg EmpRLegs2mu1.jpg EmpRLegs3.jpg EmpRLegs3B.jpg EmpRLegs3S.jpg EmpRLegs3mu1.jpg EmpRLegs4.jpg EmpRLegs4B.jpg EmpRLegs4S.jpg EmpRLegs4mu1.jpg RMEmpCtract.jpg RMEmpH1.jpg RMEmpH1A.jpg RMEmpH1B.jpg RMEmpH1S.jpg RMEmpH1mu1.jpg RMEmpH1mu2.jpg RMEmpH1mu3.jpg RMEmpH1mu4.jpg RMEmpH2.jpg RMEmpH2A.jpg RMEmpH2B.jpg RMEmpH2S.jpg RMEmpH2mu1.jpg RMEmpH2mu2.jpg RMEmpH2mu3.jpg RMEmpH2mu4.jpg RMEmpH3.jpg RMEmpH3B.jpg RMEmpH3S.jpg RMEmpH3mu1.jpg RMEmpH3mu2.jpg RMEmpH3mu3.jpg RMEmpH3mu4.jpg RMEmpH4.jpg RMEmpH4B.jpg RMEmpH4S.jpg RMEmpH4mu1.jpg RMEmpH4mu2.jpg RMEmpH4mu3.jpg RMEmpH4mu4.jpg RMEmpI1.jpg RMEmpI2.jpg RMEmpI3.jpg RMEmpI4.jpg RMEmpIBp.jpg RMEmpL1.jpg RMEmpL1A.jpg RMEmpL1B.jpg RMEmpL1S.jpg RMEmpL2.jpg RMEmpL2A.jpg RMEmpL2B.jpg RMEmpL2S.jpg RMEmpL3.jpg RMEmpL3B.jpg RMEmpL3S.jpg RMEmpL4.jpg RMEmpL4B.jpg RMEmpL4S.jpg RMEmpLsh.jpg RMEmpLsh2.jpg RMEmpRef.jpg RMEmpRef2.jpg RMEmpT1.jpg RMEmpT1A.jpg RMEmpT1B.jpg RMEmpT1S.jpg RMEmpT2.jpg RMEmpT2A.jpg RMEmpT2B.jpg RMEmpT2S.jpg RMEmpT3.jpg RMEmpT3B.jpg RMEmpT3S.jpg RMEmpT4.jpg RMEmpT4B.jpg RMEmpT4S.jpg RMEmpTR.jpg RMEmpTf.jpg RMEmpTfB.jpg

\Runtime\RMReadme's\ RMEmpressV4.txt

\Runtime\Libraries\RMMorphs\RMEmpress\ hideCRMImp2-chest.pz2 hideHRMImp2-head.pz2 hideNRMImp2-neck.pz2 hideRMEmpressE-head.pz2 injCRMImp2-chest.pz2 injHRMImp2-head.pz2 injNRMImp2-neck.pz2 injRMEmpressE-head.pz2 remCRMImp2-chest.pz2 remHRMImp2-head.pz2 remNRMImp2-neck.pz2 remRMEmpressE-head.pz2 showCRMImp2-chest.pz2 showHRMImp2-head.pz2 showNRMImp2-neck.pz2 showRMEmpressE-head.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\ ! EmpressB-INJ.PZ2 ! EmpressB-INJ.png ! EmpressB-REM.PZ2 ! EmpressB-REM.png ! RMEmpress H-INJ.PZ2 ! RMEmpress H-INJ.png ! RMEmpress H-REM.PZ2 ! RMEmpress H-REM.png !!! RMEmpress E-INJ.PZ2 !!! RMEmpress E-INJ.png !!! RMEmpress E-REM.PZ2 !!! RMEmpress E-REM.png !!!! RMEmpress EyeFix.png !!!! RMEmpress EyeFix.pz2 !!!! RMEmpress JawFix.PZ2 !!!! RMEmpress JawFix.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\RanakiBONUS\ Mat1 Ranaki.dsa Mat1 Ranaki.png Mat1 Ranaki.pz2 Mat2 Ranaki.dsa Mat2 Ranaki.png Mat2 Ranaki.pz2 Mat3 Ranaki.dsa Mat3 Ranaki.png Mat3 Ranaki.pz2 Mat4 Ranaki.dsa Mat4 Ranaki.png Mat4 Ranaki.pz2 Ranaki Alt1.dsa Ranaki Alt1.png Ranaki Alt1.pz2 Ranaki Alt2.dsa Ranaki Alt2.png Ranaki Alt2.pz2 Ranaki Alt3.dsa Ranaki Alt3.png Ranaki Alt3.pz2 Ranaki Alt4.dsa Ranaki Alt4.png Ranaki Alt4.pz2 Ranaki Alt5.dsa Ranaki Alt5.png Ranaki Alt5.pz2 Ranaki Alt6.dsa Ranaki Alt6.png Ranaki Alt6.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\Options\ 1 Empress I1.dsa 1 Empress I1.png 1 Empress I1.pz2 1 Empress I2.dsa 1 Empress I2.png 1 Empress I2.pz2 1 Empress I3.dsa 1 Empress I3.png 1 Empress I3.pz2 1 Empress I4.dsa 1 Empress I4.png 1 Empress I4.pz2 1 Empress I5.dsa 1 Empress I5.png 1 Empress I5.pz2 1 Empress I6.dsa 1 Empress I6.png 1 Empress I6.pz2 1 Empress I7.dsa 1 Empress I7.png 1 Empress I7.pz2 1 Empress I8.dsa 1 Empress I8.png 1 Empress I8.pz2 2 Empress Ref1.dsa 2 Empress Ref1.png 2 Empress Ref1.pz2 2 Empress Ref2.dsa 2 Empress Ref2.png 2 Empress Ref2.pz2 3 Empress Lsh1.dsa 3 Empress Lsh1.png 3 Empress Lsh1.pz2 3 Empress Lsh2.dsa 3 Empress Lsh2.png 3 Empress Lsh2.pz2 4 Empress Lmu1.dsa 4 Empress Lmu1.png 4 Empress Lmu1.pz2 4 Empress Lmu2.dsa 4 Empress Lmu2.png 4 Empress Lmu2.pz2 4 Empress Lmu3.dsa 4 Empress Lmu3.png 4 Empress Lmu3.pz2 4 Empress Lmu4.dsa 4 Empress Lmu4.png 4 Empress Lmu4.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\Mat 4\ 0 MAT 4.dsa 0 MAT 4.png 0 MAT 4.pz2 4a Empress MU1.dsa 4a Empress MU1.png 4a Empress MU1.pz2 4a Empress MU2.dsa 4a Empress MU2.png 4a Empress MU2.pz2 4a Empress MU3.dsa 4a Empress MU3.png 4a Empress MU3.pz2 4a Empress MU4.dsa 4a Empress MU4.png 4a Empress MU4.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\Mat 3\ 0 MAT 3.dsa 0 MAT 3.png 0 MAT 3.pz2 3a Empress MU1.dsa 3a Empress MU1.png 3a Empress MU1.pz2 3a Empress MU2.dsa 3a Empress MU2.png 3a Empress MU2.pz2 3a Empress MU3.dsa 3a Empress MU3.png 3a Empress MU3.pz2 3a Empress MU4.dsa 3a Empress MU4.png 3a Empress MU4.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\Mat 2\ 0 MAT 2.dsa 0 MAT 2.png 0 MAT 2.pz2 2a Empress MU1.dsa 2a Empress MU1.png 2a Empress MU1.pz2 2a Empress MU2.dsa 2a Empress MU2.png 2a Empress MU2.pz2 2a Empress MU3.dsa 2a Empress MU3.png 2a Empress MU3.pz2 2a Empress MU4.dsa 2a Empress MU4.png 2a Empress MU4.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RMEmpress\Mat 1\ 0 Mat 1.dsa 0 Mat 1.png 0 Mat 1.pz2 1a Empress MU1.dsa 1a Empress MU1.png 1a Empress MU1.pz2 1a Empress MU2.dsa 1a Empress MU2.png 1a Empress MU2.pz2 1a Empress MU3.dsa 1a Empress MU3.png 1a Empress MU3.pz2 1a Empress MU4.dsa 1a Empress MU4.png 1a Empress MU4.pz2