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Otherworldly Wonders: Equinox

The Otherworldly Wonders: Equinox character set is designed to provide a broad range of options for character creation.

This character set was designed to work with Victoria4, and has additional options included for use with Michael4 Enhanced/Mina. This set will not work properly with the standard Michael4 figure. Michael4 Enhanced/Mina is required for use of the male heads and bodies not based entirely on Victoria4Male.

Male genital textures are not included, as the principle concept for this character design is for a sexless, inhuman creature. Additionally, some of the male forms are based on Victoria4Male. Victoria4Male does not have a DAZ genital conforming figure.


This product uses ExP technology, and portions of the product must be installed in your main runtime, or where you have Victoria4 and her existing morph packages installed.

  • You will see three installers for the product when you download. Two of the installers are over 50 megs in size, and the third is considerably smaller. The small files are approximately 8 megs for mac, and 4 megs for windows.
  • The two large installers can be placed wherever you prefer to keep your character sets.
  • The smallest installer contains the ExP files. This file should be installed in your main Poser runtime, or where you keep your core Victoria4 figure and her supporting morph files from DAZ or other vendors.
    • This file may include the Windows and Mac versions of the initialization files. (, DzCreateExPFiles.exe, etc.) This is not an error, and the presence of a file for 'the other' operating system does not mean you have downloaded or installed the wrong files on your system.
  • You will need to run the initialization functions for the morphs to work properly.

Proper INJ and REM files are included for the morphs, along with reset options which do not remove the injected morphs from the loaded figure, but merely reset them to a zero value.

Various morph packages are required for use of the included MOR presets. Not all of the morphs require all of the items listed, but the exceptions are few. Please do not expect the product to function as shown without the listed requirements.

  • 36 Victoria4 head presets are included. Other than the ExP morphs included in Otherworldly Wonders: Equinox, these morphs require the Victoria4.2 base, with Victoria4 male morphs, and Victoria4.2 Morphs++. The Male morphs are included in the Victoria4.2 base package.
  • 14 Michael4 Enhanced head presets are included. These rely on Michael4 base morphs, Michael4 Morphs++, Michael4 Enhanced head morphs, Victoria4 base head morphs, and Victoria4 Morphs++ head morphs.
  • 8 Michael4 Enhanced body presets are included. These rely on morphs from Michael4 Morphs++, Michael4 Elite Body Shapes, and Michael4 Enhanced body morphs.
  • 8 Victoria4.2 body presets are included. These rely on morphs from Victoria4.2 base, Victoria4 Morphs++, and Victoria4 Elite Body Shapes.
  • 8 Victoria4.2 Male body presets are included. These rely on morphs from Victoria4.2 base, Victoria4 Morphs++, and Victoria4 Elite Body Shapes.
  • 8 Victoria4.2/Stephanie4 body presets are included. These rely on morphs from Victoria4.2 base, Victoria4 Morphs++, Stephanie4, and Victoria4 Elite Body Shapes. There are four general body types, with one option involving the scale/proportions dials, and one that does not include any scaling. These morphs are intended to be loaded on the Victoria4.2 base figure, not the Stephanie4 base figure, to appear like the figures in the thumbnails and promotional images. Please be aware that the scaling options are not compatible with all versions of Poser. (This is why 'no scale' versions, marked 'NS' in the names of the pz2 files, have been included.)

Texture Options

Some of the included MATs use diffuse strength (to create void-like darkness) and ambient settings (to create an unnaturally glow). These are in the body art options. Please be aware that these details will not show in the preview, and will only appear when rendered.