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FM Planetarium

FM Planetarium Content:

Poser: Full scene preload, lighting preset
DAZ Studio: Full scene preload, lighting preset, UE2 lighting preset

General info:

- The space nebula, stars and planets work great on their own in case you just need a space background. You can achieve very diverse scenes by changing background colors.

- After loading the scene you will find a hidden group named “PlanetsB(3D)”. These are alternative planets to the ones found in “PlanetsA(2.5D)”. They were not used in any previews because frankly I don`t like them very much. However I decided to keep them in the scene as hidden objects in case someone would like to use them.

-If you feel you can`t frame the scene well because the hull get`s too close try changing your camera`s focal length.

Poser info:

-Maybe it`s a no-brainer for Poser users anyway, but you will certainly want to use a custom (aux) camera.
-Render times: Vary a lot depending on how much of the reflective glass parts are visible, expect 5 to 25 minutes on high quality settings.
-Raytracing: The reflections require the use of raytracing, Poser recommends to set it to 4 for reflections on transparent surfaces.
-Be careful keeping your camera within the scene. Since Poser previews polys one sided it`s easy not to notice you are already outside the hull.

DAZ Studio info:

-The scene loads with 3 “Locators”, you can use them to quickly navigate the scene by focusing on them.
-Render times: Vary a lot depending on how much of the reflective glass parts are visible.
Standard lighting: about 5 to 15 minutes (high quality settings)
UE2 lighting: about 2 to 4 hours (high quality settings) …but it`s worth it if you are going for a final render.

FM Planetarium, 2010 by flipmode