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DLD Stone Shaders for DAZ Studio


Product: DLD Stone Shaders for DAZ Studio
Product Code: 11754 (ds_sh022)
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Digital Lite Design
Released: December 2010

Product Information

Required Products: DAZ Studio 3+

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders”
      • “Natural”
      • “Polished”
      • “Veined”
  • Usage notes:
    • When changing shader types, please use the included “Shader Cleaner” located at the top of each shader folder to prevent strange results when crossing between shader types.
    • These will work on any shader in your Content folder as well if you run into shader issues where shaders are not applying correctly due to “artifacts” from a previous shader.

Known Issues

  • None


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\! Shader Cleaner.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\! Shader Cleaner.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Bone.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Bone.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Chocolate.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Chocolate.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Dark Grey.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Dark Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Dove Grey.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Dove Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Ebony.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Ebony.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Grey.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Khaki Lt.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Khaki Lt.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Khaki.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Khaki.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Olive.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Olive.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Rusty.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Rusty.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Sand.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Sand.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Tan.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Natural\Tan.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\! Shader Cleaner.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\! Shader Cleaner.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Avacado.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Avacado.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Burgundy.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Burgundy.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Chocolate.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Chocolate.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Grey.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Khaki.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Khaki.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Tan Lemon.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dark Tan Lemon.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dove Grey.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dove Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dove Pink.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Dove Pink.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Ebony Violet.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Ebony Violet.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Ebony.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Ebony.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Emerald.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Emerald.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Grape.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Grape.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Mint Medly.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Mint Medly.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Navy.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Navy.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Olive.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Olive.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Raspberry.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Raspberry.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Rust.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Rust.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Tan.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Tan.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Wine.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Polished\Wine.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\! Shader Cleaner.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\! Shader Cleaner.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Beige Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Chocolate Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Dark Khaki Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Ebony Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Grey Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Olive Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Beige.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Beige.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Mint.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Rose.dsa

\Shaders\DLD Stone Shaders\Veined\Tan Rose.png