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Jepe's Body Jewels 3

ransparency, displacement and reflection on a second skin overlay for Michael and Victoria with intriguing, elaborate design - this is Body Jewels 3.
3 new designs - organic shapes for a Sci-Fi Bio-Suit, shapes directly on skin that appear to be wired communication sensors, interface modules or like a protecting cage against rays of any kind. All this in 10 fascinating metallic color variations.
Using is extremely easy; duplicate your figure, inject the Body Jewels Morph, choose your design and color out of the 30 MATs for V4 or 30 MATs for M4 and render. Add that artistic touch of reflection and specularity to your renders you can achieve in 3D only.
All promotional images are rendered in DAZ Studio. A complete collection of high-res renders of all Body Jewels are in my ArtZone Gallery:
Here is a screen shot of the MATs for the V4 Jewels 3, they are similar to the M4 versions:

For further information, please visit the wiki page of my Body Jewels 2: