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The Marquis Expansion

Roxana Yaroslavna Expansion
Product: Roxana Yaroslavna Expansion
Product Code: ps_ac4413b
Published Artist: xenic101
Released: 2011-01-11




You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “Night World\Roxana-Vampire Lady”

Roxana Yaroslavna Expansion consists of expanded CR2s for:

  • Belt_X
  • Cloak_X
  • Corset_X
  • DaggerSheath_X
  • Gloves_X
  • Pants_X
  • SwordSheath_X

Only new CR2s are included, Roxana Yaroslavna, Vampire Lady for V4 needs to be installed for the new files to load.

Usage Tips

  • Select the morphed Victoria 4.2 figure in your scene and load the new clothing as you would any other conforming figure. In Poser you will need to conform the clothing to V4.
  • Crosstalk is enabled in these pieces and so they should morph automatically to match your figure. If it does not, make sure it is conformed to the correct figure, it may be necessary to reload the clothing in Poser if V4 was not selected when the clothing was loaded.
  • Several ADJustment dials are included to correct for any poke through that may occur when posing, using morph values beyond 0-1, or when using multiple morphs.


  • This set supports the Alice morphs “Alice Body”, “Alice Curvy” and “Alice Faery” from Aery Soul. By default these morphs load into V4's community INJection channels. As long as you have not edited these morphs to load otherwise, the morphs in the clothing will crosstalk. If you have edited these morphs to load otherwise, you will need to manually dial them in the clothing.
  • The Alice morph channels will always be visible in the clothing's BODY, however they should only be used if the piece does not crosstalk.

Dagger\Sword Sheaths and the Belt

  • “DaggerSheath_X” and “SwordSheath_X” have been re-rigged as smart props that should be conformed to the “Belt_X” and NOT to Victoria 4.2.
  • The “Belt_X” has two new bones “targetSwordSheath” and “targetDaggerSheath”. These bones act as “handles” for the two sheaths and can be translated and rotated as needed to position the sheaths if desired. (The sheaths should automatically position with each morph.)
  • “DaggerSheath_X” has two adjustment morphs to allow for fine tuning of the strap positions.


  • A “Fit Victoria 4” morph has been added to the Corset. This morph will automatically follow V4's shape. If the “CorsetFitINJ” is not injected, the corset will automatically apply the “Fit Victoria 4” morph, if the “CorsetFit” is applied, the corset will retain it's original shape.
  • The Corset is intended to be used with the “CorsetFitINJ” morph injected into V4, and the remaining morphs were built and tested against that shape. They should still work when not using the “CorsetFitINJ” morph, however some adjustment may be needed.
  • The “Fit Victoria 4” morph will always be visible in the clothing's BODY, however it should only be used if the piece does not crosstalk correctly.


  • Some Morphs Listed are Carried Over from Original
  • All Morphs from Original are Carried Over
  • Various:
    • Fit Victoria 4
    • Asesina Fit
    • Tabitha Fit
    • Valeria Fit
  • Alice:
    • Alice Body
    • Alice Curvy
    • Alice Faery
  • Aiko 4:
    • Aiko Body
    • Petite
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
  • Elite:
    • Fantasia Body
    • Sylph Body
    • Utopian Body
  • The Girl 4:
    • The Girl Body
  • Reby Sky:
    • RebySky
  • Stephanie 4:
    • Stephanie
    • Caitlyn
    • Ella
    • Grace
    • Isabelle
    • Lily
    • Madeline
    • Natalie
    • Paige
  • Muscle:
    • Barbarian
    • Beefy
    • Gymnast
    • Massive
    • Olympian
    • Toned
    • Wirey
  • She Freak 4:
    • SheFreak4-1
    • SheFreak4-2
    • SheFreak4-3
    • SheFreak4-4
  • Morphs ++:
    • Amazon
    • BodyBuilder
    • Bulk
    • Definition
    • Emaciated
    • Fitness
    • Heavy
    • PearFigure
    • Thin
    • Voluptuous
    • Young
    • AdjustNeck
    • ArmSize
  • Partial Body:
    • BellyThickness
    • BellyThin
    • BicepsFlex
    • BreastsCleavage
    • BreastsCleavageWidth
    • BreastsDiameter
    • BreastsDroop
    • BreastsFlatten
    • BreastsHangForward
    • BreastsImplant
    • BreastsLarge
    • BreastsNatural
    • BreastsPerk
    • BreastsSize
    • BreastVolume
    • CalvesFlex
    • ChestDepth
    • ClaviclesDefine
    • ForeArmsContour
    • ForearmsThickness
    • GluteCreaseL
    • GluteCreaseR
    • GluteFlexL
    • GluteFlexR
    • GluteLowerDepth
    • GluteRaiseL
    • GluteRaiseR
    • GlutesDimpleDepth
    • GluteSmoothed
    • GlutesSize
    • GluteUpperDepth
    • HipsCrest
    • HipsSize
    • Inhale
    • KneeCapVolume
    • KneeWidth
    • LatsSize
    • LineaAlbaDepth
    • LoveHandleL
    • LoveHandleR
    • LowerBackDepth
    • LowerObliqueDepth
    • NeckSmooth
    • NeckThickness
    • PubicDepth
    • RibCageContour
    • RibCageDetail
    • RibCageLowerDepth
    • RibCageSmooth
    • RibCageVolume
    • ShinsThickness
    • ShldrBladeDepth
    • ShouldersDepth
    • ShouldersThickness
    • SmoothAbdomenLower
    • SternumDetail
    • SternumWidth
    • StomachDepth
    • ThighFrontContour
    • ThighInnerContour
    • ThighOuterContour
    • ThighsThickness
    • ThighsTone
    • TorsoThickness
    • TrapsSize
    • TummyOut
    • UpperArmsContour
    • WaistOuterContour
    • WaistWidth

File List

\Runtime\Libraries\Character\Night World\Roxana-Vampire Lady