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Renaissance Stealth Action Poses

Action Pose Set for M4

By FirstBastion

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These are dynamic storytelling poses that help create renders that capture moments in time, full of narrative possibilities. Versatile enough for all types of themes including medieval, fantasy, pirates and sci-fi, these poses work for heroes and villains in any situation where a blade is involved. Imbued with the kinetic energy of a body in motion, and inspired by various video game titles, the series stresses dynamic movement. What this all means, many of these poses would look just as good with a light sabre, in some cases even better.

These sixty unique pz2 action poses for M4 Hero give plenty of variety to generate interesting scenarios. An additional twenty poses for the M4 oppositions/badguys gives him plenty to fight against. There are also four duo poses, positioned and choreographed. The duo poses are specifically placed, meaning there is translation information in the pose. The reason for this is so you can parent one M4 to the other M4, and move them in tandem to where you want them in the scene.

There are a total of 80 full body poses for M4. 60 are for the “Hero”. 20 are for the opposition guards and victims. These poses are specifically designed to only effect the rotational numeric value of the joints for M4, not the translation. What that means is the individual poses apply where ever M4 is in the scene. He is not transported back to zero position. It also means that none of your morphs are affected in anyway.

The set includes twenty fc2 facial expression to imbue emotion into the scene. The standard nine position eye poses are also included. There are also sixteen hd2 hand poses that offer added variety to the full body poses with a simple click.

The 20 facial expression poses, only use the expressions channel of the morphs information in the fc2 file. This means these poses do not affect your custom morphs.

There are also 16 hd2 hand poses, which can be applied to either the right or left hand.

Please note: These poses were designed with M4's bare foot. Different shoe or boot heel heights may require some tweaking. All poses were developed with “limits on” and are within the natural range of human motion.

This package contains POSES for M4. Character morphs, clothing, weapons and environment sets seen in the promos are not included.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.