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ToXic Windsong

Product: ToXic Windsong for Windsong Hair by Valea
Programs Supported: Poser 5+; DAZ|Studio 2+
Published Artists: Silver & Countess

One hundred and fifty intoXicating textures with added hand painting to assure the best of quality!

The included colors range from naturals, to pastels and darks, allowing you to capture every look. Whether it be realistic, fantasy, gothic, sexy, or extreme.

The ultimate hair package at a price you can afford!

ToXic Hair Colors do not use any shaders or complex nodes so is user friendly with most versions of Poser and DAZ Studio.

ToXic Windsong Options:

  • 150 Full Hair Mat Poses (.pz2)
  • 150 Streak Mat Poses (.pz2)
  • 048 Ribbon Options (.pz2)

DAZ Studio Users Will Need to Adjust the Ribbon Mats