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Rocky Flats Terrain Prop

Created by First Bastion

For Poser and DAZ Studio.

DAZ Page is here:

DAZ Forum thread information:

Rocky Flats is the first in a series of useful landscape props from FirstBastion developed to offer interesting ground scapes for your renders. Sculpted and UV mapped, this realistic undulating ground works well as a desolate alien landscape, harsh boreal tundra or high desert rock.

The actual prop comes in both a high poly version and a low poly version at 1/3 of the poly count to help keep processing at a reasonable speeds. The texture for this terrain is 4096 x 4096 pixels. Both the hi and low poly versions use the same textures. There is a 4 tile (1Hi with 3Low parented) preset to provide a larger land areas.

added copy/paste anwsers from forum posts:

There are two versions of the main terrain, hi poly has just under 60,000 polies, (basically equivalent to a M4 or V4 character) and the low poly version has 21000 polies. Now, the low poly version was designed for more distant positioning in the background and is a bit more jagged though can work for many purposes.

Is the low poly preset only available as part of the 1Hi+3Lo preset? Yes and there is a reason for it. I didn't want the low poly version used on its own simply because its missing some of the smooth details of the high poly, and was always considered as a background prop, so the preset you have is the correct one, 1hi+3low. But you can always delete the other 2low and 1hi, and save your own preset of a low poly one if you want. Hope that reasoning makes sense.

I'm getting the message, this was created with a newer version of DAZ Studio?

RockyFlats was setup to the current version the latest production build.

Earlier version DS users can install the Poser version of the pp2 prop in their runtime, which will by pass that “newer version” issue.

The new texture expansion for Rocky Flats - Grassy Stone has DS2.3.3+ and Poser6+ mats for both the Sand & Rock and Grass & Stone texture sets included.

Interesting use: There is also an image on the forum by Flashback (link: ) where he used The RockyFlats terrain in conjunction with The Enchanted Forest, re texturing it, with a tiled texture from Stonemason's set, and dropping the rockyflats terrain into the center of The Enchanted Forest and it fit right in. The terrain is uv mapped to accept anything from 4096×4096 textures and/or any seamless tiled texture. Quite versatile. And remember you can also adjust the y-axis scale of the terrain for generating other visual looks.


Back to the regularly scheduled wiki…

In addition, there are 2 rock outcrops and a dirt/sand “The Pad” models to help add resolution to closeup and foregrounds when necessary. These can be placed anywhere on the main terrain to add variety to the scene. There is also a preset, as seen in the promo images that can be used alone for posing at zero position. The Pad 2 references the first The Pad from the Old Waterhole set. This one is more detailed and can look different from various angles.

As a bonus, this terrain is sized to fit nicely into some of FirstBastion's other environment if you have them. These are The Hidden Waterfalls and the Old Waterhole. The promos show where the preset will place them. Obviously you can move them. The Hidden Waterfalls use a very similar texture and should fit easily. In the Waterhole images, the existing texture was replaced with the waterhole terrain texture, that is the same size. This is not a requirement, but merely an option for this standalone product. You can even add it to the base of Cliff and Climb, turning it into a rock climbing school environment if you so choose. That's why 3D is so much fun, sky's the limit on imagination and possibilities.

UberEnvironment in DAZ Studio: Triangulated mesh. Some artist experience issues with the terrain only when using Uberenvironment lighting in D|S. it's got nothing to do with the textures, bump, displacement or the tiling. There is no issue in Poser 6 or Poser 8, or DAZ studio 3delight rendering standard light, or Light Dome, or other Dreamlight sets or Realitywith LUX. Even exports into Carrara and Bryce don't result in this issue. Only UberEnvironment seems to have an issue with the triangulated mesh.

Simple quick fix: Select the terrain, Under Edit menu Convert to SubD. It changes some or all of the polies to quads. No more artifacts. This works for Hidden Waterfall and Rocky Flats too. If you check the scene info tab in D|S you can see how the conversion affects the polycount.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.