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RockyFlats - GrassyStone

Grassy Stone - Rocky Flats Texture Expansion (sometimes called Grassy Flats for short) Released on Friday Feb 25, 2011

by First Bastion

For Poser and DAZ Studio.

DAZ Page is here:

DAZ Forum thread information:

Please note: There has been an update for the installer provided on Feb 27,2011 which provided a correction for the product code that is used for catalogue purposes. The content of the product installer did not change. There is more info at the forum thread.

As a follow up to Rocky Flats and to add more versatility to the set, this texture expansion provides a nice contrasting mossy grass and stone environment, offering another interesting ground scape for your renders. Using the same culpted and UV mapped terrain, this realistic undulating ground works well as a harsh boreal tundra, mountain foothills, or as a rocky base for adding vegetaion.

If you remember the actual prop comes in both a high poly version and a low poly version at 1/3 of the poly count to help keep processing at a reasonable speeds. The Grassy Stone texture for this terrain is 4096 x 4096 pixels. Both the hi and low poly versions use the same textures.

RockyFlats was setup to the current version the latest production build. The Grassy Stone DS props are also setup with this latest build.

Earlier version DS users can install the Poser version of the pp2 prop in their runtime, which will by-pass that “newer version” issue. The Grassy Flats install have the MAT files for both DS2.3+ and Poser6+ and above so you can easily change between the sand and the grassy textures with a simple click.

In addition, there are 2 new rock outcrops preset that look just plain cool for quick pose renders. These load at zero position and can be moved if necessary. They do use the original object models so you do need the original set for them to work. But the real magic can happen if you mix and match these two presets like the that final promo image with the troll on the product page suggests.

The Pad2 models has also been re textured to a grassy stone look to. Together with the igneous stone outcrops you get a very versatile posing prop, which helps add resolution to closeup and foregrounds when necessary. Again, these can be placed anywhere on the main terrain to add variety to the scene.

As a bonus, this terrain is sized to fit nicely into some of FirstBastion's other environment if you have them.

There is also an image on the forum by Flashback (link: ) where he used The RockyFlats terrain in conjunction with The Enchanted Forest, re texturing it, with a tiled texture from stonemason's set, and dropping the rockyflats terrain into the center of The Enchanted Forest and it fit right in. The terrain is uv mapped to accept anything from 4096×4096 textures and/or any seamless tiled texture. Quite versatile. And remember you can also adjust the y-axis scale of the terrain for generating other visual looks. If you look at the images in the Rocky Flats page, the Old Waterhole texture was applied to RockyFlats with similar success.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.