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Carrara 8 Beta


Product: Carrara 8 Beta
Product Code: ca_ap44b
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: DAZ 3D
Product Build:
Version Released: March 2011

Product Information

Product Notes

  • If you have not purchased Carrara 8 or Carrara 8 Pro, use your existing serial number (found in your account). If you have not purchased Carrara 8, you can still access this beta version by using a 30 day trial. During the installation when you are asked for a serial number, look at the bottom of the dialog box and select the Trial button. This will activate a 30 day trial version for you to utilize.
  • When a new build becomes available to the public, it will be added to your account by the DAZ 3D Customer Support Team. It will take a bit of time for all the updates to happen, so please be patient.

Build Notes

  • This build can install over your current build of Carrara 8.0.
  • is now the latest production build. The QA team has determined this is an improvement over the last 8.1 production and beta release. This build was provided to the QA team and then the public to give input on the stability and capabilities. It is deemed the most stable build of release 8.
  • Changes since the last production build include:
    • QuickTime - Fixed second issue of #0040272 (black playback window)
    • QuickTime - Fixed first issue in #0040272 (options window behind main window)
    • Quicktime : Fixed #0040222 : Fixed sound saving issue
    • Rendering : Fixed #0040533 : Fixed shadow catcher issue with raytraced depth of field
    • 3DView : Fixed #0040519 : Fixed display issue with storyboard room
    • VertexModeler : Issue #0038076 : Fixed snapping issue with the polyline tool
    • Mac : Issue #0040300 : Fixed sub tool bar clicking issue
    • VertexModeler : Issue #0039027 : Fixed bounding box position in the assemble room
    • SMP : Issue #0039916 : Fixed freeze during rendering
    • Carrara - Fixed some repaint issues, by adding context-flushing
    • Carrara : Issue #0039865 : Fixed splash screen timeout close issue
    • 3DView : Issue #0040071 : Fixed production frame precision issue in Software renderer
    • VertexModeler : Issue #0039815 : Fixed bone weight editing undo
    • VectorRenderer : Issue #0030276 : Fixed issue with skinned objects in animation
    • Hair : Fixed memory corruption
    • Network Rendering : Issue #0040167 : Fixed old beta file issue with multi-frame network rendering
    • Carrara - Fixed and OpenGL flashing issue which affected the 32 bits version when leaving immediate mode

Known Issues

  • None

Please report any issues besides the ones listed above to the DAZ 3D Bug Database. When submitting more than one issue, please submit one report for each issue. For multiple issues, you do not need to include all of your hardware configuration information or company contact information. The DAZ 3D Bug Database requires a separate account than that of the DAZ 3D website.

Thank you for helping to make Carrara a powerful and enjoyable tool!


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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