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Lighting Preset for Interior Visualization

Quick tips and tricks:

indoor lighting

if you want to: - speed up the rendering time you may decrease the lighting quality in the render room (paying attention to shadows and shaders renders too);another useful trick is limiting the framing of the window areas where the light comes; - change the lighting color you may vary the ambient light color and/or the color of lights; - vary the lighting intensity in the scene I suggest not to increase the ambient light and the indirect one but set up only the hdr map and the sky light intensity as well as to slightly modify the lights. You should decrease the hdr intensity if you increase the sky light and vice versa to avoid “overexposed” surfaces. a good trick is to place a white reflecting plan outdoor (i.e. a white ground); eventually play around slightly with caustics, that enhance the diffuse lighting, whether right conditions permit (presence of water, glass etc); - see light rays onto the objects, remember to activate the “light through transparency” function in the render room

if you plan to move the spot or the distant light is a good idea to use the “point at” modifier, choosing a significative object;

if you decrease the indirect light as well as the photon count, you reduce lighting but also “fake radiosity” (that's why I don't recommend it of course), nevertheless reduces significantly the rendering time

if you don't frame transparent shaders, uncheck transparency in the render room since that's a time killer function