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RealGels Vol. 1

Please note: this product requires DAZ Studio or above.

RealGels are DAZ Studio lights that are designed for, and require, the Reality plug-in.

A “gel” in cinematography and photography is a tinted sheet of thermal-resistant film, that is placed in front of a stage light to change the light color. In many situations the gel is also paired with a cutout pattern that projects shapes on the scene. The combination of the two creates a very dramatic effect.

RealGels combine the effect of a gel and a pattern in one single light that is easy to use and creates very dramatic effects even with one single light in the scene.

How to use the RealGels

After you install the product you should have a RealGels folder in your Content tab in Studio. Look at the patterns of the icons and use the images in the product's page to guide you in selecting the effect that you want. Double-click on the icon for a RealGel and the light will be added to your scene.

Each RealGel is composed of a spotlight and a parented gel in front of it. The gel, a plane, is automatically set to use the selected texture. The gel is parented to the spotlight so it will move together with it and will stay aligned. To position your RealGel in the scene click on the spotlight or select it in the Scene tab of Studio and then position it as you normally position a light.

All you need to do now is to call Reality and do a test render.

Combine RealGels

You can have multiple RealGels in your scene. You can use several instances of the same light or different ones. The possibilities are amazing!

Play with the gel

The gel connected with the light is set at a given size and distance from the light. This is just a suggested starting point. If you want to make the pattern more blurred when projected in the scene, move the gel closer to its spotlight. If you want to make the pattern sharper, move the gel further away from the light source. You can also rotate the gel independently from its light. This can create interesting distortions in the projected pattern that can add even more drama to your scene.

Coloring the gels

Several patterns in the package use a grayscale bitmap. This is by design, and allows you to tint the light any way you want. Try this:

  • Add a RealGel to your scene and position it.
  • Launch Reality and start a render.
  • When LuxRender starts rendering your scene click on the “Light Groups” tab.
  • Select the group that contains your RealGel and click on the associated “RGB” checkbox.
  • Click on the “Picker” button. The color picker should show.
  • Click on any color and you should see the gel projecting its pattern using the selected color.
  • Experiment with different color hues and brightness levels to find what works for you. This level of interactive lighting is unprecedented!

Changing the gel pattern

If you want to change the type of gel used after you placed a RealGel in your scene you can use the icons in the “Gel mats” subfolder. To do this you need to select the gel plane in the Scene tab and then select the “Glass_Gel” material in the Surfaces tab. After doing that you simply double-click on any of the icons in the “Gel mats” folder and the pattern for the gel will be replaced with the one that you selected.

Have fun!