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The Protohive


Product Code: ps_ac4592b
DAZ Original: No
Released: April. 6, 2011
Created By: Orestes Graphics


  • Protohive Prop (.PP2 and .OBJ)
  • Poser Light Set (.LT2)
  • Textures MATs (.PZ2)
    • Alien Hive MAT
    • Giger Hive MAT
    • Flesh Hive MAT
  • 26 Textures Include (.JPG)
    • 16 Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (4000×4000)
    • 8 Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (2000×4000)
    • 2 Reflection Maps (1000×1000)
  • 16 Textures Include (.TIF)
    • 10 Displacement Maps (4000×4000)
    • 6 Displacement Maps (2000×4000)
  • DAZ Studio 3 Material Presets (.DSA)

Tips for Rendering in Poser

This set uses strong displacement maps, and my cause artifacts or errors to occur in Renders in Poser if Not set up correctly. This has nothing to do with the product itself, but with the way Poser's Firefly renderer handles displacements with certian lighting situations or render settings. Below is a brief review of the most common, and how to avoid them.

Those Crazy Cris Cross Lines

This occurs as a result of a combination of texture filtering and strong displacement maps. The Protohive has been set up to avoid this, but if this happens with it, or with any other items, these steps can correct it.

Image Source Texture Filtering

In almost every case, turning off filtering under your image textures image_map box within Poser's Material Room will solve this issue. By default Poser sets this to 'Quality', simply change this to off from the pull down for the displacement maps of your product. (see image below) This is already done for you with the Protohive.

Also, tweaking your render settings could also help this issue. Lowering your Min Shader Rate under your Manual Render Settings to or below 0.2 will eliminate the artifacts as well, but will increase rendering time greatly on older machines. (see Image Below)

Shadow Artifacts

This error is a result of of Firefly's attempt to cast shadows of the model's displacement map generated features onto the model. Again this doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the Protohive, or any similar product, all you need is to tweak a few settings.

Shadow Min Bias

The most common reason for this form of artifact in your Poser renders is the Shadow Min Bias in the properties pane of your lights. If this happens with the Protohive Light sets, or with your own lights, increasing the Shadow Min Bias as high as 10 should eliminate this. ( see image Below) Depending on your light set, you may need to go higher than 10, or not as high as 10, you'll have to increase it a little at a time until the artifacts disappear. Increasing your overall render settings can also help remove this.

Other Artifacts

IF you find you have other rendering artifacts with this product that wasn't covered here, please contact DAZ 3D Support if you can find a solution.


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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