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Quick tips and tricks:


Cast shadows: -if you want to change color and/or hue of shadows you may vary the color of the shadow catcher plan;you can also act on the glow channel of the catcher shader; -if you want to change the density and the grain of the shadows you may vary resolution and blur of the shadow buffer; Keep in mind this basic rule: low and wide objects (eg cars) cast dark shadows and dense, tall and thin objects (eg humans or animals) cast soft and fuzzy shadows so if men and cars are both present in the scene it is worth making two different little shadow catchers when needed: the lighter one for characters and the darker for cars; they must not overlap each other and can possibily be distant

Lighting: - if you want to change lighting you may first act on sky light and distance light intensity - changing the color of the distant light you vary also the intensity of the shadows: brighter colors make shadows darker, and vice versa - in some cases you may activate the spot light to emphasize (or correct) lighting of particular portions of the objects

If the model is too sharp or vivid in comparison to the background, I suggest to apply a bit of blur (around the value 10); you can find this function in the effects tab;

If you need more ambient light I suggest to activate the gamma correction in the render room and play around with the slider

to bring far o come near the background play around with camera zoom