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Sedition Soldier for V4

Sedition for V4 is almost like the M4 Version. Differences include, slightly different mapping, a few more material zones, and the chest piece is quite different. Some of DzFire's textures for the M4 version will work on the V4, but not all will. The M4 chest can be parented to V4 chest and reduced in size to keep a consistent military organization look to your characters.

As DAZ installs, V4 Sedition will work with Carrara, but the forearms and neck pieces have been rigged in DS and will not work properly in Carrara. But, Midnight_Stories has made a fix to allow this to work in Carrara, it can be found in his commercial topic for V4 Sedition in the commons. V4 Sedition will work properly in P6+ and DS out of the box.

The suit is really well modeled, and will easily look good in hi res renders. The under suit comes with a smooth morph to allow it to look like the M4 version. It comes with a character pose set that works really well with V4.

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