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Spiral Descent Cave Entrances

Spiral Descent:Four environments in one package.

Author: First Bastion

Primary Copyright: 2010 First Bastion Toronto Canada

Installers For POSER and DAZ|Studio

Includes, pp2, DAZ, OBJ, Lt2, files and Textures,

DAZ Product Page:

DAZ Forums Discussion Page:


Deep in the mountains, hidden the from the prying eyes of civilization, carved into the ancient rock that surrounds it, we discover a spiral staircase. It could lead to the cave of the forty thieves; or the long lost resting place of a pirate's treasure or the secret entrance to a temple buried deep. All we know for sure, it is well hidden, just beyond the two weathered monoliths that obscure its view to the world.

This meticulously sculpted and UV mapped 3D exterior environment has the same modular flexibility as all of FirstBastion's other products. Sections can be moved and hidden as necessary for camera placement or inventive re-construction.

Showcasing the versatility of the product, there are three additional full scene environments included in the package as well.

A deep gorge valley cut through massive granite cliffs on either side. A mountain spring pool. A dead end closed canyon that leads to a cave entrance.

For both Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio This package includes four(4) preload full scene environment presets, plus the individual props presets to help you start creating your own unique worlds. There is also the promo light set included and a series of camera angles to aid in rendering. Please note these were optimized for the A_SPIRAL_DESCENT preload, some tweaks might be necessary for the alternate environments.

Spiral Descent cave entrances. Where they lead, is for you to decide.

Notes from the artist:

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries: Camera: “FirstBastion:SpiralDescent” Light: “FirstBastion:SpiralDescent” Props: “FirstBastion:SpiralDescent”, “FirstBastion:SpiralDescent:Elements” You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders: “Environments\First_Bastion\SpiralDescent”, “Environments\First_Bastion\SpiralDescent\Camera”, “Environments\First_Bastion\SpiralDescent\Lights”, “Environments\First_Bastion\SpiralDescent\Elements”

Product Notes:

For POSER and DAZ|Studio Includes, pp2, DAZ, OBJ files and Textures Spiral Descent is a full 3D Environment Prop set for Poser 6 and DAZ|Studio and up. If you try to click on the DS props with an earlier version, you get the standard upgrade message. Earlier version of DS can load the Poser installer into the DS runtime and access all the files using the PP2 presets (though bump, displacement and General DAZ shader - matte setting will need to be manually adjusted) if you do. The jagged rock prop does not have a texture for DS, but it does have DS shaders.


The default poser scene can be found in Poser/Runtime/Libraries/Props/FirstBastion/Spiral Descent and includes the default poser lightset. If you usually have the ground plane activated you should deselect it, as well as ground shadows off. All the terrain objects in the Spiral Descent scene are locked in place by default except for some of the rocks. The terrains piece are fitted together. When they move gaps form, and you get unsightly background image or background color peaking through. If you need to move them back into position, Simply go to objects header to turn Lock on/off.

FOR DAZ Studio

You can find the main DAZ scene in Environments/FirstBastion/SpiralDescent All of the prop objects are parented to an object named UpperApproach. Select it. Scale it, This allows for the entire level to be scaled or rotated if desired. Please note: The Jagged Rock and Monolith prop use material nodes in Poser and Shaders in D|S. They load in the preview smooth shaded, but will render as a charcoal colored granite.

UberEnvironment in DAZ Studio: Triangulated mesh. Some artist experience issues with the terrain only when using Uberenvironment lighting in D|S. it's got nothing to do with the textures, bump, displacement or the tiling. There is no issue in Poser 6 or Poser 8, or DAZ studio 3delight rendering standard light, or Light Dome, or other Dreamlight sets or Realitywith LUX. Even exports into Carrara and Bryce don't result in this issue. Only UberEnvironment seems to have an issue with the triangulated mesh.

Simple quick fix: Select the terrain, Under Edit menu Convert to SubD. It changes some or all of the polies to quads. No more artifacts. This works for Hidden Waterfall and Rocky Flats too. If you check the scene info tab in D|S you can see how the conversion affects the polycount.


The DAZ Studio folder has a single Sun light setup preset used in the promo image, is included in Environments/FirstBastion/SpiralDescent/ folder for use with the Reality Plugin if needed. It is highly recommended to start your render with all terrain and rocks set to Matte in the Reality Material room if it doesn't set it by default. The Reality render threads of the DAZ Forums have a wealth of relevant information regrading rendering with Reality. If you find the terrain too bright, you can adjust the color on the diffuse and specular surfaces setting to a midtone grey to compensate.

Some additional notes: Camera preset included with the package were designed for the A_SPIRAL_DESCENT preload. They can work with the other sets with some tweaking. Most can be applied for the Steep_Gorge and Deep_Pool preloads. They do not work for the Closed_Canyon preload without significant adjustment. Each of the four full scene environment preloads load with a single click. The Elements folder contains the individual props that load near zero position, for artist experimentation and creative re-construction.

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.