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How to Install and add to your Browser in Carrara

Run the installer and when asked target the Carrara 8 folder. Make sure not to target a subfolder like shaders, just Carrara.

Notice that the readme says: * You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Carrara Folders: o “shaders:magaremoto”

Launch Carrara 8.

Go to the browser in Carrara. Go to the Object Tab.

You won't see the presets there yet for this product. Like most add-ons for Carrara, you have to add them to the browser.

In the browser, in the upper right corner, look for the icon with the piece of paper with the folder corner. Click on this icon. A menu will appear. In the menu, click 'Add Folder.'

A browse window will appear. We will use this window to find and choose the folder for the product on the hard drive. Browse to Carrara 8 on your hard drive. Continue to browse to shaders\magaremoto. We know that's where it is because we looked at the readme above.

…Carrara 8\shaders\magaremoto

After you choose 'magaremoto,' a dialogue will appear asking you which kind of files to display. Choose 'Shaders.' Then press 'OK.'

Now look in the browser in objects. At the end of the list, you should see a folder called 'magaremoto.' Highlight this folder and you'll see the presets inside of it.