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Cuffed in a suspicious cellar

from the ReadMe:

General Tips:
-Sounds obvious, but make sure to use M4 cuffs on M4 and V4 cuffs on V4.
They vary in size and poses won`t apply properly if you apply them to the wrong figure.
-Use the bend/twist/side-side morphs to create your own hand cuff poses.
-Note that some poses require two hand cuffs loaded in your scene.
The respective poses are named LH/RH for left hand / right hand.
-If you work within the suspicious cellar you may prefer the poses from the “…_CellarPos” folders, which place your character at the right spots.
-If you prefer to position your characters yourself the “…_ZeroPos” folder poses are the better choice.

DAZ Studio users:
You do not require a native D|S directory for anything included in this set.

Have fun cuffing ;)