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Rolling Plains Morphing Terrain

Author: First Bastion

Primary Copyright: 2011 First Bastion Toronto Canada

Installers For POSER 6+ and DAZ|Studio 3.1.2.+

Includes, pp2, DAZ, OBJ, files and Textures,

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DAZ Forums Discussion Page:


Rolling Plains Morphing Terrain is the second in a series of useful landscape props from FirstBastion developed to offer interesting ground scapes for your renders. Sculpted and UV mapped, this realistic undulating ground is malleable, allowing you to dial the exact ground design you need, offering an indispensable addition to your exterior environment renders.

Literally thousands of variations are possible with the 7 distinct morphs. The possibilities are endless, dial the morphs a little or a lot.

Included in the package are two textures, sand and a grass/sand mix that are designed to work well with FirstBastion's other sets or anything else your Runtime can throw at it. There is also the footstep displacement map used in the promo image to get you started.

The actual prop is sized at almost 4 times RockyFlats and is tileable, allowing you to create as vast a landscape as you need, directly inside Poser or DAZ Studio. Add background hills at will. Sculpt them in real time. Need a landscape depression or a pond. Just dial it. The complex topography works well with a water plane.

What's Included & Features

RollingPlains: (.PP2 and .OBJ and .DAZ) It includes these morphs that can be dialed and combined to create literally thousands of rolling landscapes.

        o Dip
        o Dune
        o Gully
        o FlatTop
        o Hill
        o Hump
        o Bastion 

Material Options:

        o Mixed
        o Sand
        o Sand Footprints 

Please note that in D|S and the sand Footprints is a shader preset. The reason for this is D|S doesn't have a separate texture map sizing option for the displacement map so a shader construct was used to size the displacement map.


        o 6 Texture and Displacement Maps (4096 x 4096)
        o 3 Texture, Bump and Displacement Maps (1280 x 1280) 

Poser Material Presets (.MC6) DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSB)

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

Performance This level was built and rendered on a 4 core PC with only 6 gigs of ram. When you add three morphing terrain together for an landscape, each one adds 16,300 polies to the scene, approx 3 x 16,300 = 48,900 polies, a little less than a standard DAZ character figure. Justa little additional information if you are counting polies. Most current systems are powerful enough that this should not have an issue with the polycount.

UberEnvironment in DAZ Studio: Triangulated mesh. Some artist experience issues with the terrain only when using Uberenvironment lighting in D|S. it's got nothing to do with the textures, bump, displacement or the tiling. There is no issue in Poser 6 or Poser 8, or DAZ studio 3delight rendering standard light, or Light Dome, or other Dreamlight sets or Realitywith LUX. Even exports into Carrara and Bryce don't result in this issue. Only UberEnvironment seems to have an issue with the triangulated mesh.

Simple quick fix: Select the terrain, Under Edit menu Convert to SubD. It changes some or all of the polies to quads. No more artifacts. This works for Hidden Waterfall and Rocky Flats too. If you check the scene info tab in D|S you can see how the conversion affects the polycount.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.