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Studio Paris

Product: Studio Paris
Product Code: ps_ac4680b
Vendor: Age of Armour

Product Information

Studio Paris contains files and versions for:

  • Poser 6 and higher
  • DAZ Studio 2
  • DAZ Studio 3
  • Carrara 6.2 and higher

There are 3 installers: (as they appear in your downloads)

  • Studio Paris: Includes the individual props, figures, material presets and all common files needed for Poser, DAZ Studio and Carrara.
  • Studio Paris - Carrara: Contains the Carrara shaders and the pre-assembled scene.
  • Studio Paris - DAZ Studio: Contains Data files needed to load the DAZ Studio pre-assembled scene.


All Users

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Age Of Armour\Studio Paris”
    • Props: “Age Of Armour\Studio Paris”
    • Pose: “Age Of Armour\Studio Paris”
    • Lights: “Age Of Armour\Studio Paris”
  • The DS and Poser pre-assembled scenes are located in the Figures folder.

Poser Users

  • Poser users need only install the regular “dpc” installer.

DAZ Studio Users

  • In order to use the D|S pre-assembled scene, users should install both the Studio Paris Poser/common files and the DAZ Studio files.
  • The Ambient light, included in the DS3 version of the light preset, effects materials based on their ambient strength. The material's ambient color can be black but the strength should be turned up to 100% in order to receive the ambient light and ambient occlusion.
  • All materials in the DS version of the pre-assembled scene have the ambient values adjusted to work with the included lights.
  • Adjusting the ambient values of additional items added to the scene is easy. In most cases you can simply select the root node of the item's material list then in the advance material settings tab and set the ambient value to 100%.
  • Velvet materials for the arm chair are not available in DS2 or earlier.
  • The ambient occlusion light may not illuminate some advanced shaders such as the Elite Human Surface Shader

Carrara Users

  • Carrara users should install both the Studio Paris Poser/common files and the Carrara files.
  • You should find the pre-built scene under Age of Armour\Studio Paris in the scene presets wizard.
  • Individual figures and props can be loaded from the runtime content browser.
  • Shaders can be found under “Presets\Shaders\AgeOfArmour\Studio Paris”
  • Shaders ending in “C8” use normal maps so will only work in Carrara 8 or higher. The prebuilt scene and all other shaders are designed work in Carrara 6.2 or higher.
  • There are two versions of the velvet shader for Carrara.
  • ArmChairVelvetFast.cbr uses a formula modification to the highlight channel to give the look of velvet. This shader renders very quickly but may look strange under certain lighting.
  • The velvet effect of ArmChairVelvetSlow.cbr is accomplished using subsurface scattering. The effect is more convincing than in the previous shader but may render slowly.
  • The Subsurface scattering shaders for the busts were adjusted to work under standard lighting and AO. In scenes using full Indirect Lighting these shaders may appear too bright. Lowering the SSS intensity to around 10% should make the busts look better under full indirect lighting.
  • The render settings are moderate to allow for reasonable render times. The sun rays seen in some of the product shots have been turned off as they can slow down rendering. To enable them simply turn on Light Cone in the Sun light's Effects tab.