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Bryce 7 Content Bundle 1

Ali and Bea's Trains. Clays arches and Rocks,Volumetric Slabs. Davids Volumetric Skies. foleypro Plants & Saplings,Letters & Numbers,Train Trestle & Track Pak. Horo's Library of Objects, Seans Rocks and Lichen Materials…

•The Bryce 7 Pro Content Bundle 1 Includes: ◦20 Saplings ◦10 Plants ◦Train Engines for Bryce: (.OBP) ■MaeWest ■Matilda ◦Train Tressel & Straight/Curved Track Sections,(.OBP) ◦Tracks Can be used to create long Train Tracks ◦22 Example Scenes (.BR7) ◦22 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP) ◦Numbers & Letters Set (.OBP) ◦11 Objects (.OBP) ■Bridge Segment with Concrete Material ◦Can be used to create a long bridge ■Catwalk Segment with a Metallic Material ◦Can be used to create a long catwalk ■Footbridge Segmet with Wooden Material ◦Can be used to create a long foot bridge ■Wiremesh Fence Segment with Rusty Material ◦Can be used to fence a property ■Bench with Chromium Legs and Wooden Planks ■Wall Tiles ◦A Block of 4 tiles with plaster to decorate a bathroom ■Utah Teapot ◦The famous one to be used to test rendering with natural light ■Ceiling Lamp ◦Has 6 brass arms, green glass lamp shades and 12 lamps ■Ceiling Light ◦Flat square light with white glass to mount on ceiling or wall ■Inspection Lamp ◦Can be used when you repair your car ■Lantern ◦Rusty case and old glass with a lit candle inside ◦10 Volumetric Cloud Slabs ◦40 Rocks (.OBP) ◦20 Arch Formations (.OBP) ◦20 Lichen Stone Materials (.MAT) ■Included Text file With Descriptions (.TXT)