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The Mountain Rite

Preview gallery with renders up to 1024x768

General Tips:
-Since this is a huge set just load the sections you really need for your scene. In example 03TMR_MountainBG and 04TMR_BG_Detail are only needed if you look down from the platform to the stairs.
-Use the provided Poses to turn torches and glows on or off. The respective “…Detail” figure has to be selected in order to appy the poses.
-Keep in mind you can rotate both the skydome and the surrounding landscape. This can help to optimize your image`s background.
-Depth of field is your friend on this scene, it looks a lot more natural to have some blur on such a huge environment.
-If possible don`t focus on the “inner bend” side of MountainBG, it`s just not the most pretty spot ;)

Poser Tips:
-For final renders do not forget to activate displacement maps on the render options!
-For test renders you might want to keep displacement maps off, at least Poser7 does some lengthy pre-calculation for it.
-Make sure your camera`s YON value (preview window render range) is set high enough to display the whole scene (to about 5000). For me the standard cameras load with a way to short range.
-You can use the provided materials to change from displacement mapping (preset) to bump mapping, speed up rendering.

DAZ Studio Tips:
-All parts of this product can and should be installed to a “normal” Poser Runtime, a D|S native (Studio3) directory is not required.
-Since D|S scrolls a bit slow you can use the cameras for navigation (that`s what they are ment for).
-I recommend to use the provided lighting presets and alter them to your needs.
-Don`t always take UE2 for the better choice on this. Sometimes it`s better, sometimes it is not (but it`s always a lot slower;)

!!!DAZ Studio Materials:!!!
D|S seems to have some issues with displacement mapping on this set, which can be fixed with the provided materials. No panic, e.g. all preview pictures have been rendered with the preset material without any trouble. You will usually not see any problems except on very zoomed out shots.
In that case you should apply the “bump all” material for the respective section. This will remove rendering errors and since you are far away from the texture it won`t be noticeable at all.
“Displace all” changes the gravel and stairs from the (preset) bump maps to displacement maps. It looks a bit better at the risc of introducing the mentioned errors on those surfaces.
The “Preset” material restores the default textures, which will be the best choice in most cases.