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The Inquisition & Shackles of the Inquisition

Preview gallery with full res renders

The Inquisition & Shackles of the Inquisition are two seperate sets.
They both work fine on their own, but you get most out of it if you use them in combination.

“The Inquisition” is a medieval set. It covers a dungeon with lots of props as well as a cell block.
All props seen on the preview pictures are included (as one-click interior preload and as single props).
The four racks are also included and are pose-able figures.

“Shackles of the Inquisition” contains a pair of shackles in four versions (M4-Arms, M4-Legs, V4-Arms, V4-Legs) and RackA from “The Inquisition” as bonus item.

The included Poses are:
Poses usable with content from “Shackles of the Inquisition” :
-10 shackle poses
- 3 poses for RackA
Poses usable with content from “The Inquisition”:
- 4 poses for RackB
- 2 poses for RackC
- 4 poses for RackD
All these poses are available for M4 and V4. All of them have a centered version and a version placing everything relative to the Inquisition room.
In total it`s 212 Poses (according to DAZ, I really didn`t count it;)

The Inquisition Tips (from ReadMe):

-All Doors have an open-close slider. I did not restrict the direction there, but keep in mind only one direction is “right”.
-Keep in mind you can hide walls in case you need more place for camera movement.

Lighting DS:
-The UE2 lighting looks a bit better than the standard lighting, and renders relatively fast (for UE2 standards).
If you have it I recommend to use it.
-The lighting is sorted into MainRoom and CellBlocks. You might want to delete the lights for the section you don`t use.
If you do character centric shots you could also kick some point lights which are far from the center of your interest.

Lighting Poser:
The Poser version`s lighting has one preload for the main room and one for the cellblock. Use the double checkmark if you want them both loaded.

DAZ Studio users:
You do not require a native D|S directory for anything included in this set, everything loads fine from Poser directories.

Shackles of the Inquisition Tips (from ReadMe):

-It`s obvious, but make sure to use M4 shackles on M4 and V4 shackles on V4.
They vary in size and it won`t look right if you apply them to the wrong figure.
-Use the bend/twist/side-side morphs to create your own poses, or simply drag on the ends.
-Each pose has a “centered” and a “placed” version. The centered versions keep your character in the middle of the scene, while the placed versions position the figure in a predefined spot in the Inquisition room.
If you use a placed pose on D|S the quickest way to find your figure is to focus the camera on it`s hips.

If you use a figure which differs a lot in size compared to a base M4/V4, and want to fit it to RackA, you can move the whole feet-section of the rack.
To fit the rack`s arm-lock to a figures arms you can simply use the open-close sliders.
It shouldn`t be neccessary to do that unless your figure has a really extreme shape though.

RackD: DAZ Studio: RackD has a pair of shackles for M4 and a second one for V4, the related poses hide/unhide the ones used/not used.
However, there seems to be a bug where sometimes DS wouldn`t read that visibility info.
Doesn`t happen often, but if it does please just hide/unhide the joints manually. Or reload the rack.

DAZ Studio users:
You do not require a native D|S directory for anything included in this set, everything loads fine from Poser directories.