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Terrors of the Deep: Jellyfish

By: IgnisSerpentus
Release Date: July 2011
Store Product Page: Jellyfish

Fascinating and terrifying, the Jellyfish is a wonder of the deep. Armed with venomous tentacles, its a organism you definitely don't want to tangle with. But as dangerous as they can be, they are equally as mystifying and beautiful, making the Jellyfish a perfect addition for all your underwater scenes!

Oral Arms are rigged with Easy Pose, so posing is a breeze! Also includes 42 morphs to change its hood, tentacles and further add to its swimming movements. Finally, included are 10 mats to change its species, and even make it glow in the dark!

This is the second in a series of dangerous creatures of the ocean. Others in this series are:
Portugese Man-O-War


Jellyfish (CR2) located in Runtime:Character:Jellyfish

  • Oral Arms are rigged with Easy Pose\
  • 41 Style and Movement Morphs
  • IK Enabled
  • Blank Channels for Pose INJ support

10 Species MATS (.PZ2 and .DS) located in Runtime:Pose:Jellyfish

  • Sea Nettle Jellyfish
  • Pelagia Noctiluca Jellyfish
  • Compass Jellyfish
  • Blue Spotted Jellyfish
  • Purple Striped Jellyfish
  • Blue Glow in the dark
  • Green Glow in the dark
  • Violet Glow in the dark
  • Red in the dark
  • Orange Glow in the dark


  • Hood Style 1
  • Hood Style 2
  • Hood Style 3
  • Hood Style 4
  • Hood Style 5
  • Oral Arms Thickness
  • Oral Arms Long
  • Oral Arms Short
  • Tentacles Length
  • Tentacles Thick-Thin
  • Tentacles Spiky
  • Tentacles 1
  • Tentacles 2
  • Tentacles 3
  • Tentacles 4
  • Tentacles 5
  • Tentacles 6
  • Tentacles 7
  • Tentacles 8
  • Tentacles 9
  • Tentacles 10
  • Swim Upward
  • Movement 1
  • Movement 2
  • Movement 3
  • Movement 4
  • Movement 5
  • Movement 6
  • Movement 7
  • Movement 8
  • Movement 9
  • Movement 10
  • Movement 11
  • Movement 12
  • Movement 13
  • Movement 14
  • Movement 15
  • Movement 16
  • Movement 17
  • Movement 18
  • Movement 19
  • Movement 20


To locate the Jellyfish figure, browse to your Character library and find the folder titled Jellyfish. Here you will see the CR2 - double-click to load it. If you're using DAZ Studio, you will find him in the same location in your DAZ directory.

To use the Jellyfish, there are quite a few tricks. Firstly, the Oral Arms (tail looking thing in the center of the jellyfish) is rigged with Easy Pose. You will find the node to control the chain on the “Jellyfish” actor. You can bend it fwd-back, side-side as well as twist it up as you wish (using the Easy Pose or just the rotations on each segment in the Oral Arms chain) IK has also been setup on the figure (it is turned off by default) - all you need to do is grab “Arm10” while IK is enabled and pull it about the scene, and the IK chain will follow. This will ensure proper angling for swimming. Also, posing the rotations by “Arm1” will allow for more realistic bending of the Jellyfish's body - but note, you must have IK turned off for this. You also need to have the IK turned off for using the Easy Pose dials.

As the many tentacles that dangle from his hood do not individually pose, to further extend his movement capability, Ive added a metric ton of morphs to him. Hes got 21 movement morphs alone, which will make him (his entire body) swim. He also has style morphs besides, to change how he looks. There are 5 hood morphs, 3 morphs to change the style of his oral arms, Tentacle morphs that change the length, thickness and make the tentacles spiky and 10 tentacle morphs (which are basically formations and movements that mimic them floating about in the water) Keep in mind, you can use combinations of morphs to further extend his capability, but use with caution, as they weren't designed to work together. So you might find some of the combinations have unsatisfactory results. Please note: To use the morphs, you must dial in the FBM's located on the BODY actor. These will control the morph over the entire figure - if you dial them in partially only using the other bodyparts instead, detatchment of the model parts can occur.

As a last note, Limits have been forced on the morphs to avoid turning them too high (as well locked negatively on some, as they don't work well in the negative) but they are only locked on the FBM dials. Limits, however, have not been forced on the rotations, so pose with caution to avoid overextension.

There are 10 textures included as well, which will change his species. You will find these in the Pose Library, in the Jellyfish folder. The first 5 are patterned styles, with prominent markings on them. The last 5 are all see-thru, glow in the dark. If you turn the lights off while using any of these last 5, he will actually glow in the dark to mimic bio-luminescence. To load these, you simply browse to your Pose library into the Jellyfish folder. Included are PZ2 mat poses as well as DS optimized mats.

For more, please refer to the end of the wiki page, under “Known Issues” to see how to deal with certain issues.


How to change the glow color in Poser & DS:
If you'd like a different color on the glow in the dark mats than what's been provided, changing it is easy! In Poser, you only need to change the translucence color (and specular color as well, if the color is matched) to whatever color you wish. In DS, its the Ambient color you want to change (again, along with the specular color if its matched) Also, where the specular color is matched, you can opt to change the spec to white instead, and make it shinier. This, however, will wash out the color, so I opted to leave certain ones matched.

Getting the gradient rainbow effect:
The Promo above shows a colorized rainbow effect - and getting this effect is also simple, but will require some very light postworking in Photoshop. Simply render the jellyfish (with a glow mat loaded) and export it as a png - this will make the background of the image transparent. Then, add the png to your desired background in Photoshop. On the Jellyfish layer, you're going to right click on it, and choose “Blending Options” in the menu that appears once you right click. From there, you will go to gradient overlay and check off the box next to it. A default black to white gradient will load, which you can then edit to your desired color scheme (or you can alternately choose from the gradients in the preset library, if you prefer) Set the blend mode to “color” and voila! A rainbow jelly!


Color coded and labeled templates for the Jellyfish are available, so you can make your own textures.

Jellyfish has blank injection channels for INJ Pose custom morph support

The thumbnails for the pose and light files are the standard 91×91 resolution, so that they will show properly in DAZ Studio. If you are a poser 5 or higher user and prefer the larger thumbnails (which are 125×125 in size), you can download them here: Jellyfish Thumbs

Please Note:
Bigger thumbnails will NOT work in DAZ Studio, nor lower versions of Poser, so only download these if your using Poser 5 and higher.

Instructions to install larger thumbnails:
These are set up to the same exact locations as the original sets thumbnails. To install, simply unzip it to your Poser Runtime, and overwrite the old thumbnails.

* Note that you must use the FBM's located on the BODY actor, to dial in the morphs. If you use them on the bodyparts instead, you will find some detatch from the parts of the figure.

* I recommend against using the Oral Arms Length Morph and posing the Oral Arms at the same time - because the length of the morph, it moves the joints off their intended placement, and therefore messes up the posing. If you're using that morph, I suggest using one of the many movement morphs with it instead.

* IK must be turned off when using the Easy Pose functionality. For best results, I recommend initally posing his angle with the IK on, then turning it off again to pose his Oral Arms and/or dial in the movement morphs.

Technical Support is always available. If you have questions that need answers, feel free to email me –