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Gallerie Simple Interior Environment

Gallerie Simple

Author: First Bastion

Primary Copyright: 2011 First Bastion Toronto Canada

Installers For POSER 6+ and DAZ|Studio 3.1.2.+

Includes, pp2, DAZ, OBJ, files and Textures,

DAZ Product Page:

DAZ Forums Discussion Page:

Description: For Poser and DAZ Studio, and by extension, Carrara, Bryce and Vue.

This interior architecture prop set for Poser and DAZ Studio is the perfect location for those art gallery, museum type renders. The small set is comprised of the main gallery. There is also a duplicate of this gallery room reversed and placed as an extension doubling the floor are of the space.

The simple gallery was designed to give an enclosed room for the Essential display props. They load into the scene, no adjustment required.

In Poser, The floor material has a reflect node, but it is shipped disconnected. Reflections add to render times. The other nodes are available for experimentation but using these should require at least intermediate or advance knowledge as the final render results will be affected by certain variable like the placement of light and shadow in the scene, and these functions may require trial and error testing for your particular scene with camera and subject placement.

In D|S,

The prop set had great results with both Reality and UberEnvironment2 light sets, with just the single SUN light set included in the package.

There are plenty of material zones available in the scene, to change textures or materials and for hiding elements.

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace