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Jepe's GraphicZ II


Jepe's GraphicZ II is a collection of very unique and very different 2D Special Effects for your 3D rendering scenes and connects seemlessly to my previous GraphicZ, CosmicZ, SpecialZ and ElementZ Special Effect Packs. Save time and effort for postwork, you can add effects before rendering now. Choose from a great variety of graphic effects in different color variations, support your character the easy way by adding emotion and drama with GraphicZ II! GraphicZ II are usable in all Poser versions, Carrara, DAZ Studio or imported via DAZ Studio into Bryce. They always will load at their default size of 100% and with their correct proportions. It's in the nature of these Special Effect Billboard Props NOT to increase render time dramatically, even if using numerous effects in one scene!

Tips for useing GraphicZ II:

Load an GraphicZ II pp2 from the props/JepesGraphicZ II menu into your Poser/DS scene and scale and place it according to your needs. All props use alpha textures for a transparent background, so you can use them in front of your main character and on different (best dark) background colors and scenes. GraphicZ II props are not limited to just be props. They can be used as camera or light gels, as foreground or background effects, you can of course use the textures for postwork purposes also.

If you load more than one GraphicZ II prop into your scene, set the z-Trans slightly different from the first prop. Otherwise you will get poor render results because Poser and DS aren't able to render two or more props in exactly the same place. I also recommend that all pp2's have a similar Rotate amount; crossing them will always cause a visible line after rendering.

Don't forget to create or add one or more (perhaps coloured) lights to get a more realistic-looking scene! :-)

The appearance of GraphicZ II props after rendering strongly depends on what light you use in your scene, some adjustment for the ambience channel may be necessary in some cases when the light is too strong or too low.

If importing via DAZ Studio into Bryce some manual corrections in the Bryce Materials Lab may be necessary.

Here's the complete Thumb Preview in P8: