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FM Jeans

Preview gallery with full res renders

I hope you will enjoy working with the FM Jeans!
Here are a few tips.

-Update 08/25/2011 V4/M4/Steph/Reby morphs fixed:
Unfortunately the release of those Genesis morphs broke the related morphs included with the jeans.
As of today customers can grab an updated version of the jeans from their DAZ Account page which will fix those issues.
(You may have to reset your download)
I am sorry for the inconvenience!

I didn`t allow the feet to deform the lower front part of the jeans because this always looks wrong.
Please use the provided morphs (Shaping tab) to adjust the jeans for bent feet.

Most materials have a black belt, the light blue version has a brown one.
If you want to change the belt color go to the surface tab and either switch the textures for the belt or remove the texture from the diffuse channel and pick any color you like.
You can also hide/unhide the belt with the provided poses (placed next to the materials).

-Smoothing modifier:
One of DAZ Studio 4`s new features, the “Smoothing modifier” is already added to the jeans, but turned off by preset.
It`s rarely needed here, but you can use it to smooth out deformations on extreme poses, it works quite well for that. You find it in the Parameters tab.

You have two “sources” for folds: The Bump-maps and the morphs you find on the shaping tab.
I found the morphs work best to add noticeable irregularities in the shape, whereas the bump-map is doing the finer detail work.
Don`t hesitate to toy with the bump-map strength if you want more or less folds.