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Monster Details for Genesis

Main Promotional Picture

Bring out the savage side of Genesis!

This conforming set of vicious retractable hooked claws give Genesis that savage touch! Hide the Genesis fingernails and add sharp fangs, a feral muzzle, and pointed ears to make the monster you've always wanted!

What's Included

  • One SubD conforming claw figure for Genesis
  • Nine .DSA material presets for for the conforming claw figure
  • Easy-pose claw retraction finger-by-finger or hand-by-hand
  • Four shaping morphs for the conforming claw figure - long, thick, blunt, flattened
  • Four Partial morphs for Genesis - no nails, pointed ears, small muzzle, sharp teeth
  • Three new UV sets for Genesis
  • Six presets for One-Click swapping UVs and showing/hiding fingernails
  • Sixteen poses for Genesis (8 poses and 8 mirrored poses)

Current Installer Version

The latest version of the installer files available as of August 02, 2011, is 1.2; this is an update to fix a problem with the MetaData installer. The set works without the MetaData, but will not show up in your “My Stuff” area. If you don't use “My Stuff”, you don't need to reset for the 1.2 update.

Latest For Windows

  • 13014_MonsterDetailsforGenesis_1.2_trx.exe
  • 13014_MonsterDetailsforGenesisMetaData_1.2_ds.exe

Latest For Mac


Where to Install

Install Monster Details for Genesis into the same location DAZ Studio 4 installed the bundled Content. By default this should be “your personal Documents folder”/DAZ 3D/Studio4/Library/

Where do I find everything?

In your Content Library, under People → Genesis → Props you will find the Monster Details folder, with claws, materials presets, and UV-Nail presets for Genesis.

In your Content Library, under People → Genesis → Poses you will find the Monster Details folder, with your figure poses for Genesis.

On the claws are on the root node of the claws (double click on the claws) under Parameters Tab :

  • → Actor → Universal you will find all the claw shape morphs
  • → Pose Controls you will find all the Easy Pose dials for claw retraction

On Genesis, root node (double click on Genesis) under Parameters tab :

  • → Actor → Head → Ears → Universal → Fantasy SciFi you will find the Savage monster ears
  • → Actor → Head → Face → Universal → Fantasy SciFi you will find the Muzzle
  • → Actor → Head → Face → Mouth → Universal → Fantasy SciFi you will find the sharp teeth

My Claws Are All Chunky!

The claws are designed at a resolution level useful for a “full body” action scene. For close up renders, like the ones for the product promotional pictures, use SubD to make a high resolution version. The claws have been specifically designed to work with SubD for lightweight scene impact but maximum versitility.

To add subD to your claws:

  • select them in the Scene tab.
  • Right Click (command-click on a Mac) on the Scene tab and go to Edit → Convert to Sub-D

Studio will pop up an ARE YOU SURE message. You're sure ;)

SubD will automatically load in with one level of sub-division - this is a good level for mid range renders - upper body portraits with the claws prominent in your scene but not right in the camera. You can turn SubD up to two levels of sub-division - this is a good level for extreme close ups. I used two levels of subdivision for the main product image and all the material thumbnails :)