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GoZ for DAZ Studio


Product: GoZ for DAZ Studio
Product Code: 13173
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: DAZ 3D
Released: August 2011

Product Information

Required Products: DAZ Studio 4.0.2, ZBrush

Product Description:
If you are addicted to the millions of polygons available to you in ZBrush, and love the rigging and character control afforded you by DAZ Studio 4, you do not have to chose between them. Now there is a way to transfer models and textures seamlessly between ZBrush and DAZ Studio 4 with the new GoZ for DAZ Studio plugin. Models, texture maps, displacement and bump maps can be created.

Product Notes

Creating a morph:

  • Select an object in the scene; you must have an item that has geometry selected to continue.
  • Select the “Send to ZBrush” action.
    • Use File > Send to ZBrush or click the Z icon in the toolbar (left side of City Limits layout)
  • Choose whether or not to “Export with deformations” in the Export Option dialog.
    • Checking this option will export the selected object with the current pose/shapes applied, allowing you to sculpt on the posed/morphed shape - which will later be reversed when the sculpt is sent back to DAZ Studio. ZBrush will launch; you may be prompted to grant permission if UAC is enabled
  • Once in ZBrush, use the new tool (it should already be active in the Tool palette) to place the object in the viewport.
  • Select Edit Object (T) to enter the mode that allows you to begin sculpting the mesh.
    • Be careful to avoid changing the resolution of the mesh; morphs must maintain both vertex count and order.
  • Sculpt your morph.
  • When finished, click the GoZ (Ctrl+G) button in the Tool palette to send the sculpted object back to DAZ Studio.
    • The first time you do this you will be walked through setting up the ZBrush side of the bridge. You may need to manually locate the DAZ Studio 4 executable.
  • Choose the appropriate options and fill in the the appropriate fields, in the Update Options dialog.
    • Building a morph, you'll want to uncheck the Update UVs and Update Materials options.
  • Find your shape in the Parameters and/or Shaping tabs.
    • Name and location will be as specified in the Update Options dialog.

Known Issues

  • None


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