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V3 Hooded Cloak One


Thank you for purchasing the V3 Hooded Cloak.

In “V3 Morphing Clothes” of your Figures library and “MAT V3HoodedCloak1” of your Poses Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

Usage Tips


* The main part of the cloak conforms to V3 through the common chest group
* After the cloak is conformed and Vicki is posed, use the “Hood” bodyhandle to pose the hood where it lines up with Vicki's head. This bodyhandle was added for those times where you may not want the hood up or following V3's head.
* There is also a “Cloak” Bodyhandle at the botom of the cloak to add more posing and movement.
* When selecting the bodyhandles notice that you can scale these regions using scale dials for diverse shapes and looks
* YOu can learn more about bodyhandles from this tutorial.


* There are three material zones to use on the included greyscale texture to create any color combination you want.
* There is a MAT folder called “MAT_V3HdCloak1” in your Pose library with 11 color combinations to get you started
* You can learn more about MAT Poses from this Tutorial


* If you do not see a V3 morph you are looking for in the Body channel, it was not needed or didn't affect the cloak's ability to fit.
* In addition to the posable Bodyhandles and conforming ability, there are shaping/movement morphs in the BODY channel of the cloak figure at the end of V3 morphs.
* Use these alone or with the bodyhandles.
* Morphs are linear, meaning they cannot travel a curve. At some half settings you may have to tweak if a piece of one side appears through another. This will not happen often though.


* Always load Victoria first
* Use morphs in BODY channel to avoid confusion
* Turn V3's Body morph dials and after you move the camera or hit another dial, the screen will update showing the adjustment.
* A cloak in Poser cannot take advantage of the shoulders of the figure. The cloak, in it's default state is designed for the shldrs to be bent down by 12-18. To account for shoulder bending up/down, front/back, etc use the appropriate dials in the cloak's BODY Channel.


* The cloak can be fitted to other figures by parenting the chest of the cloak to the chest of another figure after it has been scaled to fit the figure in it's default position.
* There are many shaping and adjustment morphs in the BODY channel for the neck and shoulder areas. Also, when selecting the bodyhandles notice that you can scale these regions using scale dials for diverse shapes and fits.

See this site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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