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Renders using this set:
may contain nudity
RGUS Render at Renderosity
RavynGyrl Render at Renderosity


  • V4 Base model required. Toolgirl set recommended for shoes and hair, but not required.
  • Following morphs and characters recommended and supported: V4++, Aiko4, The Girl 4, V4 Elite, Stephanie 4, V4 Male, She Freak.
  • DAZ Studio 3.x or Poser 7 and up recommended.
  • Product may work in earlier versions in both programs, but has not been thoroughly tested in the earlier versions.


  • Load V4 into the scene and inject desired morphs.
  • Load desired pieces and “Fit To” V4, if they haven't been fitted automatically.
  • Morph and pose your character and set pieces as desired.

  • POSER:
  • Load V4 into the scene and inject desired morphs.
  • Make sure V4 in your scene is selected prior to inserting each cr2 in your scene. This step is critical to ensure Superconforming and JCM's work properly.
  • Load desired cr2 into the scene.
  • Select the loaded object, and conform to V4
  • Make sure V4 in your scene is selected AGAIN, before inserting the next clothing cr2 into the scene.


  • All CR2's will load with no materials applied. Once in the scene, please navigate to …libraries\Pose\WelderGirl\WelderGirlMAT pose directory and apply desired mat poses. This will work for both, Poser and DS. In DS, pay specific attention that the scene object and the corresponding surface are both selected. Otherwise the material may not apply.
  • Clothing items make use of JCM and Super conforming (crosstalk) features. For Poser, It is recommended you follow the loading procedure outlined in quickstart instructions to ensure the morphs in the clothing link properly to those in the V4 figure. Without that, there may be severe pokethroughs. If the JCM or Super conforming link should break or not take for some reason, you may still use the Dial(s) in the BODY (or body part) group to manually morph the clothing as needed.
  • Clothing and especially poses are meant to be used with V4's IK chain and limits off.
  • Magnetizing clothing items to V4 is required .
  • Styling Morphs - are usually located in a separate “Styling” dial group at the figure BODY level and/or prefixed by STY- these are the fun morphs, but can also aid in fitting. Please take you time to familiarize yourself with their look and function. Our products have a lot of them. The rest is up to your imagination. Not all styling dials will work well when mixed. What works together well is mostly based on common sense.
  • Loosen Tighten Morphs - are usually located in a separate “Adjustment” dial group at the figure BODY level and/or prefixed by ADJ-these morphs aid in adjusting fit and correcting minor poke thru you may encounter with some poses.
  • Body Morphs - Full Body Morphs to match those commonly used with V4 are included with the product. The dial setting values on these are best kept between 0 and 1. Higher or lower setting +/- can yield undesired results. However, you can often use the Loosen-Tighten and Styling Morphs to compensate.
  • Poser and DAZ Studio materials have been assembled to work with medium intensity white light combined with medium intensity IBL; Or Uber-Environment in DS. For more refined results, specularity, reflection, diffusion and other shader parameters may need additional adjustments to perform best under your lighting of choice. This is normal. There are no “one size fits all” solutions for every shader/lighting combination.


  • TORCH - should be conformed to V4. Hand grip utility pose is provided. Hose allows for some posing. If it gets in the way of the scene, use materials panel to make it invisible.
  • WELDING MASK - and the ballcap are also meant to be conformed to V4. When the mask is in the upright position, the ballcap visor can point forward or back. The ballcap is meant to be in the backward position when the mask is lowered. There is a ‘STY-Ballcap Back’ morph provided for this. For head morphs where the side of the head is different from default V4, such as G4 or A4, separate “Ballcap Back” morphs have been provided.
  • BALLCAP - In addition to the note under the Welding Mask (Above) the ballcap can also be used on it‘s own. Both, welding mask and the ballcap are made to fit well with the ‘pigtails’ hair that came in our Toolgirl set.
  • SHOES - Since there are several construction booties type shoes available in Poserdom, one of those including two sets of shoes in our Toolgirl set, we have not included shoes in this set. Jumpsuit however does contain special adjustment morphs to optimize how it fits with shoes, especially the Billy Booties from the Toolgirl set..
  • UNDERWEAR AND TANKTOP - These two items can be used with the jumpsuit to make more modest undress type image. Also, these two items make great pieces for any kind of wardrobe basic outside of this set. We also included couple fun Peek-a-boob type morphs in these pieces.
  • TEXTURES - The jumpsuit has two basic textures, Fun Green Swirls and a mechanic suit type rough denim. This allows for room for expansion textures on this set. The way the jumpsuit is constructed it can work as a mechanic coveralls, military jumpsuit or a racing suit. Hopefully we will see add-on textures for these and other options. Tanktop and Underwear have an array of different color matching textures, to offer a good wardrobe base, however they still allow for significant expansion..
  • POKETHROUGHS - in addition to numerous JCM’s (Joint Control Morphs) All of the pieces in this set have a wide range of manual adjustment morphs which will assist you minimizing or eliminating pokethroughs in many poses and body shapes.


  • Make a copy of a ….libraries\Pose\WelderGirl\WelderGirlMAT directory. I usually name it “MATSDS2”
  • Delete .dsb files from the ….libraries\Pose\WelderGirl\WelderGirlMATDS2 directory. This will leave you with Plain Poser .pz2 files which will load the textures, in a normal DAZ Studio fashion. Specularity, bump and other material settings need to be optimized manually.



  • CR2’s are located in …..\Runtime\libraries\Character\WelderGirl
  • MAT Poses are in: ….libraries\Pose\WelderGirl\WelderGirlMAT This folder also contains several DS utility MAT Poses for metal and transparency.
  • Please see readme file included with the product for a full file list.