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The Neighbour's Yard

Author: First Bastion

Copyright: 2011 First Bastion Toronto Canada ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Product Page:

DAZ Forum Discussion Page:

Separate Installers For POSER 6+ and DAZ|Studio 3.1+

Includes, OBJ files, pp2, DSO, DAZ files and Textures

The Neighbour's Yard is a full 3D Environment Prop set for Poser 6+ and Daz|Studio and up. If you try to click on the DS props with an earlier version, you get the standard upgrade message. Earlier version of DS can load the Poser installer into the DS runtime and access all the files using the PP2 presets (though bump, displacement and General Daz shader - matte setting will need to be manually adjusted) if you do.

Wiki/Readme Information
FOR POSER and probably info for DS too

If you usually have the ground plane activated you should deselect it, as well as ground shadows off.

All the terrain objects in the NeighboursYard scene are locked in place by default, and some of the rocks. These pieces are fitted together meticulously. When they move gaps form, and you get unsightly background image or background color peaking through. If you need to move them, Simply go to objects header to turn Lock off.

The grass in this environment is a texture with bump and displacement, plus the set includes some transmapped grass billboards for around posts and walls. The texture quality is good so you can get in pretty close, but There is always a trade off while these sets get developed, where do you put the detail and how taxing will it be on the end user's computer resources. There are set designed for close up, maybe it has a patch of grass, a couple rocks, all the details are wrapped up in those individual blades of grass. Those sets are designed for close ups, but in general most computers couldn't handle that level of detail across an entire landscape. Big environment sets, like Neighbour's Yard, are by definition designed for more expansive shots, so the detail happens over the entire environment. You can't have both.


(this is a copy/paste from my HW set, but since the pool addon use water I figured it will need to be here. the info is transferable) The water bodies, falls, river,lake, use displacement maps, to see the water effect you need to render at a minimum quality setting in the Firefly renderer of Raytracing checked, and Use Displacement maps checked. Raytracing takes longer to render. ALL Water tends looks best at least 20+ feet away. The reflective and refraction qualities in the water need something in the background to reflect back at the camera, and light placement plays a large part in how the water reacts in a render. Lights directly shining at the waterfall object will reflect back at the camera and generate a glare ruining the waterfalls effect. Lights that skim from the side generate better results. If you do try for tighter shots on the waterfalls, reduce the opacity, make more transparent, reduce the strength of the displacement, and adjust the specular to help compensate. Each of the main terrains has large tiled textures, which you can adjust the scale in the surface/materials tab to increase the detail, though the default setting is more than adequate for most purposes. The terrain can look good at any distance, though as the camera moves closer to the terrain you might want to adjust the displacement setting lower to compensate and maintain realism. Rock textures tend to look best when set to Matte, with minimal highlights and specular.

The poser light set was initially developed in Poser6, and to some its a little bright in Poser 8 just select the sunlight light and reduce it's intensity, and black dot ambient light and reduce it to 60% and it should do the trick.

Daz Studio
You can find the main Daz scene in Environments/FirstBastion/SpiralDescent All the same issues regarding reflection, refraction, and lighting apply in Daz studio.

All of the objects are parented to a null object cube named YardParent. This cube is under beneath the standard 0,0,0, load postion out of view. Select it. Scale it, This allows for the entire level to be scaled if desired. Simply set opacity to zero, or check visibility off for the cube during renders. This cube become visible if you use the pool add ons. Simply hide the visibility on the cube during renders.

Reality The daz Studio folder has a Sun light reset setup used in the promo image, for UberEnvironment 2 renders. The Sun from that light setup can be used for Reality renders. Load the Yard_FULLscene from the PP2 prop folder, load the cload plane, and select the light set. It is highly recommended to start your render with all terrain and rocks set to Matte in the Reality Material room if it doesn't set it by default. There are different ways to adjust the Sun. A cloud plane placed between the Sun and the scene and set to Matte Transluscent, will emulate overcast, and dull the shadows and highlight over the entire scene. The Reality render threads of the Daz Forums have a wealth of relevant information regrading rendering with reality. If you find the terrain too bright, you can adjust the color on the diffuse and specular surfaces setting to a midtone grey to compensate.

More on Uber Env2. I'm going to copy/paste the following answer I gave from another forum thread asking about UberEnvironment2 causing strange artifacts in DAZ Studio when hitting triangulated meshes on terrains. I figured these comments are best included here as well, since the product wiki has a link to this thread, and I like providing as much information as possible.

“Hi everyone, it's got nothing to do with the textures or the tiling. There is no issue in Poser 6 or Poser 8, or DAZ studio 3Delight rendering standard light, or Light Dome, or other Dreamlight sets or Reality with LUX. Even exports into Carrara and Bryce don't result in this issue. Only Uber Environment seems to have an issue with the triangulated mesh.

Simple quick fix: Select the terrain, Under Edit menu Convert to SubD. It changes some or all of the polies to quads. No more artifacts. This works for Hidden Waterfall and Rocky Flats too. If you check the scene info tab in D|S you can see how the conversion affects the polycount.”

Performance This level was built and rendered on a quad core PC with only 6 gigs of ram with integrated accelerator card. Hardly a state of the art system. Don't expect your 2 gig laptop to load and render this without some common sense. (Composite rendering techniques are recommended on slower machines, which means hiding or removing elements you don't see or need. ). Most current systems are more powerful should not have an issue with the polycount and the multiple textures. I use some billboard fences between some of the secondary house to reduce the polycount, you can simply up;oad one of the fence props and move it to position and replace if needed.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.