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Ashley Dress

This item has been retired from DAZ3d and may now be found at Previous DAZ3d buyers can still download the files by logging in to your account, view itemized orders and reset your download.

image_small.jpg Ashley Dress by AprilYSH is a complete outfit and hair set for Victoria 3, available at

The set comes in obj format with jpg colour, bump and transparency maps useable in many 3d applications. The package comes with Poser presets with morphs and material presets included.
See product page for feature list.

Useage Tips

  1. Load Vicki3 and then Ashley dress, shoes and head dress - conform each to Vicki3.
  2. Before posing Vicki3, if you plan to use the fans then place the fan in Vicki3's hand and parent the fan to her hand.
  3. The fans are posable figures with full range of closed to 180 degree opened - controlled by a master dial in the BODY. There are two fans which are the same model but are mapped differently. Pattern fan allows the same pattern repeated over each “blade” of the fan. Picture fan allows a planar picture to be applied to the fan.
  4. The dress skirt morphs include: twist left/right, left/right, front/back, and wide - which can be turned negative to make the skirt narrower.
  5. Like many long dresses, this dress has no buttocks so poses with bends in the buttocks don't tend to work well with it.
  6. This dress has shins, they bend too when conformed. Some Vicki3 poses may need their shin bends lowered to suit the movement of this dress.
  7. The backbow is not a conforming bodypart, it may be posed separately. It can be made invisible if it doesn't serve a purpose in a picture.
  8. The jacket arms are fairly tight and may show poke through of skin in certain bends - twisting the arm often helps prevent this and usually results in a better figure pose as we tend to twist when we bend.
  9. Alternatively, please make Vicki3 shoulders and forearms invisible.


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