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The Tomb


Product: The Tomb
Product Code: ps_ac661
DAZ Original: Yes DAZ Productions Original by Stonemason

Product Information

  • Required Products: None.

Product Notes

  • In “FIGURE” of your Figures library and “POSE” of your Pose Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

    \ Tomb, Template notes
    “Columns”, the 2 smaller columns are named seperately to the taller ones,though use the same template.
    “Entrance”, the stairs have been tiled,the wall detail(in black) is for positioning reference only,you should paint on the green “wall detail”.
    “Ground_Base&Walls”, the ground is tiled,the small walls use the same map,as do the column bases.
    “SideWall&Stairs”, The side wall is tiled,except the area inside the arch.

Resolved Issues


Known Issues



Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
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File Listing

The Tomb








Tomb P4.pp2
Tomb P4.rsr
Tomb PP.pp2
Tomb PP.rsr




The Tomb Companion File BCF


Product: The Tomb Companion File BCF
Product Code: ps_ac661
DAZ Original: Yes

Product Information

With selected items you purchase in the Platinum Club, DAZ is offering a companion download that was created to assist you in using your new product in Bryce.

This download will help you take full advantage of selected interior and exterior Poser props and figures in Bryce, and will include instructions on importing your purchase to Bryce, sizing and positioning, as well as a Bryce scene with lighting, atmosphere and camera settings already set up for your specific purchase.

Save valuable time after importing your purchase to Bryce by utilizing the presets in the companion download. Take it a step further: select and change the lights, ambience, textures or camera for a whole new look! The possibilities are endless!

  • Required Products: The Tomb, DAZ Bryce5.5
  • You can find your new Bryce file in the following folders:
    • Bryce x\DAZ Content\DAZ Companion Files

Product Notes

Bryce: This Tomb Bryce Companion file has been created in Bryce 5.5 and has been tested in Bryce 5.5. Please refer to the Platinum Club forum thread for this file for information on generic Poser/Bryce import.

This file requires you have set your D|S installation to be able to access your Poser directories, should you have installed your Tomb files into a Poser Runtime.


  • Open the Bryce Companion file located in the DAZ Content\DAZ Companion Files folder. (BCF_The_Tomb.br5). (File/Open then navigate to the DAZ Content/DAZ Companion Files directory)
  • If not on the Create tool bar, click Create, then the Launch DAZ/Studio link in the upper right.
  • Locate the Tomb files in either Content (props) folder in D|S or your Poser (props) folder in your Poser Runtime directories. (It is recommended to open the Tomb PP file)
  • Load the Tomb into D|S
  • Once the Tomb is loaded, Click the Return to Bryce button.
  • Select the Tomb and all its components.
  • Go to the Object menu, and select “Break DAZ|Studio Link”.
  • Group the components by clicking “G” in the little icon list next to the Tomb
  • Set the attributes on the Tomb, by clicking the “A” in the Icon list, and entering the information shown below:
    • You can copy the numbers from the table and paste them in if you wish.
    • Please note that Position by default is linked to Origin, and that you won't have to enter those values - they are given for reference only(If you are using the Right Click/Paste option to Paste the Information into the Fields, you Might have to enter the Position Information Manually.)

X Axis
Origin: 1.67
Position: 1.67
Rotate: 0
Size: 35.79

Y Axis
Origin: 7.91
Position: 7.91
Rotate: 0
Size: 16.24

Z Axis
Origin: 24.27
Position: 24.27
Rotate: 0
Size: 48.41

Please note that the render time for this scene may take longer than what you may be used to. This is perfectly normal and no cause for concern - Bryce uses a bit longer to render lights, and some of the Terrain textures, but the end results are usually more than worth it.

Playing with the view

Your scene is loaded with a default camera-view. Try clicking on any of the blue buttons to the left of the thumbnail renderer -they'll change your view settings.

  • The first button is a generic view - perfect for an overview over the scene.
  • The second one is a close-up of the Tomb so you can zoom in on your figure.

Tweak with the trackball for better custom results.

Scene tip

The Sun color can add dramatically to this scene with simple color changes to the sun light color. You can use this to make subtle or major changes to the lighting in the scene.


Please don't hesitate to ask any one on the BCF team or in the PC forum for help with the file


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170